Crush your sales quotas

With Rattle, make days more productive and never miss out on any critical information. Your real-time coach to let you drive sales and meet revenue outcomes!

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Being able to take call notes directly in Slack and have them immediately update in Salesforce is a game changer for my team. We're easily saving 30 minutes a day per rep!

Joey Wood
Director of Outbound Sales

Better pipeline awareness

Get notified at every step of the way of your deal, and become proactive in identifying deal challenges with Rattle.

Take the pain out of managing CRM

Never dread the end of quarters again. The world where you get no follow-ups and are easily managing your CRM is made possible with Rattle.

Collaborate easily

Never let any deal go to a limbo. Get the right alert, and collaborate with the right people to crush your quotas.

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