Automate sales processes

Establish the guardrails for data hygiene and takes multiple follow-ups off your plate. Imagine a day without fire-fighting - Yes! Rattle makes it possible.

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We moved to Rattle as it takes minutes to set up, is incredibly easy to use and supports bi-directionality which our team loves!

Alex Netsch
Director of Revenue Operations

Increase ROI

Rattle increases the adaption of Salesforce by letting reps manage records in Slack with zero change management.

Automate complex tasks

No more complex coding, no more untraceable processes. With Rattle's no code builder, and play books, you easily automate complicated tasks.

Always data ready

Managing data at the end of month is never pleasant. Rattle brings structure to chaos & makes you data ready at all times.

Ready to Rattle? It only takes a few minutes to set up.

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