Manage your prospect pipeline

Your revenue is as good as the top of your funnel - and Rattle lets you manage this easily . Capture the right information during the calls, and resurface it as you need it in a few simple clicks.

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Something that has changed after Rattle is that it elicits conversations amongst different teams other than sales. And we have also caught things that probably would have fallen through the cracks & resulted in a negative customer experience.

Jeff Ronaldi
GTM Operations Manager

Manage prospects

Never let any lead slip through the crack, and add it to the right sequence at the right time.

Log calls with prospects

Rattle makes sure that you don't spend 3X time recalling your 30 minutes chat. Log every call with a click of a button, and optimize your schedule.

Set your AEs for success

Rattle redefines teamwork in sales. By easy exchange of the relevant information, you prepare your AEs for success.

Ready to Rattle? It only takes a few minutes to set up.

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