The State of RevOps 2024

The rise of AI, a supposed "soft landing" for the economy, and a whole host of changes, all at a breakneck pace...

Yeah, a lot has changed in a year. But one thing remains the same: RevOps remains in the spotlight (which, if anything, is brighter now).

So, we asked 100+ of some of the smarterst Ops experts around what they’re seeing on this turbulent frontier.

The result? 40+ pages, packed with trends, insights, opinions and data that reveal this fastest-growing career in the U.S. has a chance to soar, but first they’ve got to get a few things out of the way.

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Inside the Report

  • Apprehensions over AI

    Who's using AI, who isn't, and what's keeping other RevOps pros up at night?

  • Misalignment with sales leaders

    There's apparently a good bit of communication that needs to happen there.

  • Cautious optimism, but also...

    Maybe not for tool adoption.

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