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You, Us, and a Pile of Money

We know that if you want to succeed in modern business, you need a lot of friends. And to make friends, you've gotta be extra-friendly. That's why we've made one of the most partner-focused partner programs around.

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Why partner with Rattle?

By strapping the Rattle partner program's rocket on your back, you're not just joining any other partner network; you're joining a community that's disrupting an outdated space, and having fun while doing it. You might be here because you want to:

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Get seen

RevOps is the fastest-growing job function in the U.S. A lot of people are keeping an eye on this space — and trust us, we've got their attention.

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Get love

We've got diehard fans here, not just for our product, but of our brand, too. Join forces with us and you'll be loved (at least, by association).

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Get paid

Got a big footprint yourself? How about a community hanging on your every word? We offer some blush-worthy rates for driving new business to us.

Choose your partnership adventure

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  • Service/Referral Partner

    Day in and day out, you're helping your customers solve their problems (with Rattle).

  • Brand Partner

    You’re also selling into the RevOps space, love what we’re doing, and want to do cool stuff together.

  • Integration Partner

    You want to build your technology into Rattle.

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Our customers love us, and yours will love us, too

"Rattle is incredibly easy to use and supports bi-directionality, which our team loves."

Alex N, Rippling
Alex N.

"Loving Rattle, it's giving me so much visibility into our data/deals."

Ben H, Sendoso
Ben H.

"Rattle made better database hygiene, response times, and win rations possbile for us!"

Jessika B, Reputation
Jessika B.

Meet the first-ever modern RevOps platform

Get your entire revenue team operating flawlessly through the power, speed, and consistency of Process Automation.

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