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“Our team loves Rattle!”

“We moved to Rattle as it takes minutes to set up, is incredibly easy to use and supports bi-directionality which our team loves!”

Alex Netsch
Director of Revenue Operations

“Rattle is an integral part of our revenue strategy.”

“It’s helped us drive sales growth and productivity at a time of radical change. Rattle is truly a member of our team. With it, we’re driving improved pipeline and converting opportunities faster down the funnel. It’s almost like our sixth man on the court.”

David Cardiel
VP, Marketing

“Rattle has been an absolute game-changer!”

“In less than 5 minutes, I was able to roll out new processes that I had been waiting to introduce for months. I have not seen any other Salesforce/Slack integration that is so easy for the end-user.”

Kirsten Brenner
Revenue Insights Manager

“Our Salesforce data wouldn't be nearly as good as it is without Rattle!”

“Our Salesforce data wouldn't be nearly as good as it is without Rattle. Its ability to proactively capture the necessary inputs via Slack rather than forcing reps into Salesforce has streamlined the process and greatly improved our ability to both manage the team and deliver an accurate forecast.”

J.T. Levin
VP of Sales

“Rattle tees up conversations between me and my reps about what’s happening!”

“Rattle helps me understand immediately what’s happening with our pipeline and tees up conversations constantly between me and the rep about what’s happening and what we can do together next.”

Logan Toskey
Senior Sales Manager

“Life-changing for our sales team.”

“Our productivity and data hygiene has skyrocketed. Each rep saves almost 1 hour/day & our SalesOps team saves 5 hours/week. We can’t even imagine a world without Rattle!”

Anupreet Singh
Sales Director

“Rattle makes my job so much easier and fun!”

“With our explosive growth, we had to add so many new processes & systems and Rattle has been our saving grace! It just makes it easy to do my job.”

Hannah Bauhof
Sales Operations Manager

“The simplest product to use and get off the ground!”

“This product without question is the best I’ve ever seen in terms of how sales reps interact. They are more informed when they have any conversation or meeting because they’ve been alerted in Rattle.”

Kramer Proud
Revenue Operations Manager

“So intuitive and quick that it allows you to manage a lot of different things in one place.”

“Being able to have quick access to your data, being able to create trends quickly, being able to attack new opportunities in the market quicker. All of that stems from your CRM stems, from any integration you have with that, anything that you can do to speed up the process is going to help you.”

Ben Godwin
Salesforce Administrator at Ogury

“We’re easily saving 30 minutes a day per rep with Rattle!”

“Being able to take call notes directly in Slack and have them immediately update in Salesforce is a game changer for my team. We're easily saving 30 minutes a day per rep!”

Joey Wood
Director of Outbound Sales

“We went from ‘is this possible’ to ‘what can teams or processes can we utilize Rattle for next.”

“Our sales reps consider this frictionless dialogue between Sales and Engineering one of the most impactful business processes that we rolled out this year and now all conversations and activities are getting captured–all thanks to Rattle.”

Fast Radius
Lee Tenant
Director of Sales Operations

“In a day, I was able to move most critical processes from different automation tools to Rattle!”

“Something that has changed after Rattle is that it elicits conversations amongst different teams other than sales. And we have also caught things that probably would have fallen through the cracks & resulted in a negative customer experience.”

Jeff Ronaldi
GTM Operations Manager

“We are easily 30% more accurate with our forecasting.”

“Rattle flags data hygiene issues as soon as they happen and lets our team fix them in seconds from Slack. We can’t go back to the way we used to work before!”

Brendan McDonald
Senior Operations Manager

“Rattle makes our team’s day-to-day lives smoother!”

“We all have certain technology in our day-to-day lives that makes things smoother - Rattle is definitely that for us in a B2B Setting. It is so easy-to-use and you don’t have to be a SalesOps guy or a RevOps person to use it!”

David Lee
VP of RevOps & Enablement

“Rattle has become a verb at Litmus.”

“Rattle allows me to create any kind of workflow that I can imagine and probably has had the highest ROI of any recent tools we have rolled out. The effort that we put in is very small compared to the value that we are getting.”

Shelli Welch
Team Lead, Sales Operations

“Rattle made better database hygiene, response times, and win ratios possible for us!”

“Rattle has been a game changer for all customer-facing teams. Being able to tap into data that wasn’t easily accessible previously or data that we didn’t even know we had, has allowed us to become more agile and proactive. The workflows are simple to setup and the Slack alerts enable greater team productivity and accountability. Rattle allows us to keep better track of our customer engagements, and as result has made a huge impact on improving our database hygiene, response times, and win ratios.”

Chris Black
Director of Marketing

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