Put your processes to work and then let ‘em flow. Rattle's no-code workflow builder gives you the power to automate signals from SFDC to your messaging app of choice and get your team perfectly executing on your process.


Working, flowing flawless speed

Transform your revenue team into a well-oiled machine by streamlining communication, targeting the right players, and virtually silencing the noise.

Top sales teams love rattle

Send actually actionable signals

Send Salesforce alerts from leads, deals, and customers in real-time to Slack and Teams. Include only your deal owners, or shoot up the Bat Signal to bring in sales-leader superheroes when their heroics are needed.

Send actually actionable signals
Turn process into practice

Turn process into practice

Make unactioned MQLs and stagnant deals a thing of the past. Get timely updates that keep not just leads and deals, but every standard and custom object in Salesforce, on track and in line with your revenue process. *Chef's kiss*

Keep your team in the flow

Eliminate forgetfulness and keep your team focused. One-click edits in Slack or Teams mean SFDC updates are a breeze, writing back to your system in real-time without ever leaving a state of productivity.

Keep your team in the flow

Feature highlights

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Seamless integration between Salesforce and messaging app
Illustration depicting ease of use
No-code custom builder (See ya, Apex Code)
Illustration depicting speed
Bi-directional SFDC edits from your messaging app

Dashlane achieved 100% lead follow-up using Workflows.

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Three reasons you'll love using Rattle

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No change management

Every tool is built to drop into the way you work now and start improving your results ASAP.

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No coding – ever

Not even the teensiest bit of technical acumen is required to integrate and deploy any of our tools.

Illustration depicting collaboration

No flying solo

If you’ve got a goal, we’ve probably already got a solution waiting for you in The Playbook.

Meet the first-ever modern RevOps platform

Get your entire revenue team operating flawlessly through the power, speed, and consistency of Process Automation.

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