Deal Rooms

Foster real-time visibility and drive smarter decision-making, and you’ll keep deals from slipping past your team.

Deal Rooms

Chaos ends deals. Deal Rooms end chaos.

Auto-create dedicated channels in Slack or Teams based on custom triggers, so your revenue team can sync up, bring leaders in at the perfect time, and find solutions together —  no matter how wild the situation.

Top sales teams love rattle

Stop siloed selling

Make those Lone Wolf sellers an endangered species. Auto-escalate deals to include execs at the right times, so they can leverage their networks, give warm intros, and help your AEs get those deals over the line.

Stop siloed selling
Flag at-risk deals

Flag at-risk deals

Provide 20/20 vision for sales leaders by shining a light on at-risk deals. Deal Rooms make it easy to share updates in context and empower your team to proactively tackle roadblocks, closing deals more efficiently.

Instant visibility

Stop the one-off messages, the group threads, and the 20+-email chains in their tracks. Deal Rooms with Meeting Intelligence give your team a simple, uncluttered place to get up to speed on any deal.

Instant visibility

Feature highlights

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Custom triggers – add leadership, auto-archive, change name based on deal stage
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Automatic channel creation for each deal
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Real-time alerts when changes occur

Moveworks reduced deals stuck in stage by 70% with Deal Rooms.

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Three reasons you'll love using Rattle

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No change management

Every tool is built to drop into the way you work now and start improving your results ASAP.

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No coding – ever

Not even the teensiest bit of technical acumen is required to integrate and deploy any of our tools.

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No flying solo

If you’ve got a goal, we’ve probably already got a solution waiting for you in The Playbook.

Meet the first-ever modern RevOps platform

Get your entire revenue team operating flawlessly through the power, speed, and consistency of Process Automation.

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