Keep the momentum going with instant approvals in your messaging app.


Button up your approvals process

Remove totally needless roadblocks for leadership to move fast by giving them a quick button to accept or reject deal-critical decisions in Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Top sales teams love rattle

Automate your level of control

Don’t let red tape slow you down. With Rattle, you can fast-track key decisions and approvals, ensuring nothing derails your deals.

Automate your level of control
Make your call in a click

Make your call in a click

Leadership can swiftly give the green light to pending requests directly from their mobile device, all within your team's preferred messaging app.

Context for every decision

Foster transparency and team cohesion by enabling leaders to share their reasoning directly within the approval thread. Learn how it can be in the flow of all your work and context in Deal Rooms.

Context for every decision

Feature highlights

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Approval requests sent straight to your messaging app
Illustration depicting ease of use
Space for leaders to add decision-making context
Illustration depicting speed
One-click and mobile-friendly process

LogDNA's approval process now takes minutes — not days — with Rattle.

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Three reasons you'll love using Rattle

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No change management

Every tool is built to drop into the way you work now and start improving your results ASAP.

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No coding – ever

Not even the teensiest bit of technical acumen is required to integrate and deploy any of our tools.

Illustration depicting collaboration

No flying solo

If you’ve got a goal, we’ve probably already got a solution waiting for you in The Playbook.

Meet the first-ever modern RevOps platform

Get your entire revenue team operating flawlessly through the power, speed, and consistency of Process Automation.

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