Simplify request management

Ease the effort for you and your leaders to get approvals on your requests.

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Top sales teams love Rattle


Requests in Slack

Rattle routes approval request to you in Slack. You can make quick decisions without ever logging into Salesforce.

Approve requests with Slack buttons

Let your leadership team manage requests with a click of a button. They can approve or reject a request and share their comments easily with Rattle.

Share(d) decisions

Create shared messages with your leaders, and sync directly over your approval requests.

How it works.

Get to your ROI goals faster. Increase performance with less effort. Make your CRM adapt to your human workflows.


Select any approval process that you've in Salesforce.



Customize message and give leaders enough context to act swiftly on requests.



Route your alerts to multiple approvers or the manager or even in a channel.


Be in loop

Get an instant notification as soon as your request is accepted.



Send out sample message to ensure everything looks good.


Three reasons you’ll love using Rattle:


100% customized experience

Rattle makes sure that you don't have to use one-fit approach, and can customize everything as per your audience.


Super-simple user interface

Rattle gives you the easiest interface to work with - you will NEVER want to go back to good ole CRM.


No change management

With Rattle, you do not have to worry about change management - adaption of processes is as simple as creating it.

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Jeff Ronaldi

“Something that has changed after Rattle is that it elicits conversations amongst different teams other than sales. And we have also caught things that probably would have fallen through the cracks & resulted in a negative customer experience.”

Jeff Ronaldi
GTM Operations Manager

Get more headspace back in your day with Rattle.

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