Update Salesforce blazingly fast

Call logging in Salesforce is complex.
Rattle makes it 10x easier and faster.

Trusted by high growth companies

Update Salesforce right from Slack

Rattle sends you an automated message in Slack after every qualified meeting. That means you no longer have to login to Salesforce’s archaic UI for any changes. Update your pipeline in seconds.

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Get 24/7 visibility in your entire team’s pipeline

Get instant Slack notification when anyone in your sales team makes an update or logs a call in Salesforce. Step in to help your team close more opportunities & coach in real time.

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Aggregated analytics at your fingertips

Have a detailed view of your team’s performance in real-time. Get aggregated analytics in Slack and continue building the momentum of your sales team.

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Share your wins right in the moment

Don't wait until your quarterly offsite to share your amazing progress. Celebrate with your entire team as soon as an opportunity is won.

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Your tech stack comes together to deliver magic!

Rattle combines Google Calendar, Slack and Salesforce to create one single workflow which fits right in and makes you think how you ever managed without it.

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Managing SFDC takes time
Rattle gives it back!