Where it started...

We started Rattle in 2020 with the simple belief that one of the most frustrating aspects of revenue teams — that process wasn't being executed on — could be solved by making it easier to do the right action at the right time by the right people.

We brought Salesforce to Slack, then Microsoft Teams, with actionable alerts — and the idea caught like wildfire.

Where we are...

We're more than just an integration between your messaging app and Salesforce.

We've expanded our toolkit to help RevOps leaders optimize their entire sales process. And now, we're helping hundreds of execution-obsessed teams like Gong and Rippling win more, win faster, and win together.

We're laser-focused on helping RevOps leaders now build, optimize, and automate their way into making a GTM machine.

Where we’re going...

With each new launch, whether new A.I.-based tools or new workflow features, Rattle's goal is to help you be more of the strategic mastermind you're meant to be.

It's not just about checking tasks off the list, it's about making the biggest positive impact on business that we can.

We're committed to making work an easier, delightful, and more collaborative experience for all teams — because ultimately, we think, that's the best way to get work done.

Meet our founders

As CEO, Sahil is a product builder at heart. With a decade of experience in product, he has served as the first Product Manager at Gigster in Asia and, prior to joining Rattle, led product initiatives at Leadworks and Mutiny.

Sahil Aggarwal


Apoorva, boasting 10 years of experience, was a consultant in her previous endeavors and played a pivotal role in refining go-to-market strategies at ZS and BCG.

Apoorva Verma


Milan, with seven years under his belt, has a passion for building products from the ground up and previously led engineering teams at Leadworks and Zostel before creating Rattle and serving as CTO.

Milan Singh


Not to brag, but we’re backed by the best

"Rattle brilliantly integrates our new places of work, like Slack and Teams, with these clunky legacy applications in a way that supports the modern workforce. This is a truly game-changing solution that will create faster, smarter, and happier go-to-market teams.”

Ganesh Bell
Managing Director of Insights Partners

Our company values

At the core of Rattle's success is our mighty team of Rattlers, driven by these four core values:

  • Illustration of fireworks

    Kindness is a superpower

  • Your work is your craft

  • Seek conviction not consensus

  • Delight is the last mile

About that dinosaur...

Meet Sir Ding-a-lot. He represents the mishmash of the old way of doing things — a dinosaur — with an improved addition of speed and power. So, if you’re following along... yes, Rattle is actually the jetpack.

Our captivating companion not only keeps the sales process moving smoothly but also brings a touch of fun and joy to the daily grind — something, we think, that should always go into the math.

Meet the first-ever modern RevOps platform

Get your entire revenue team operating flawlessly through the power, speed, and consistency of Process Automation.

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