A platform for sales collaboration

At Rattle, we want to help sales teams move fast & sell more. But they cannot do that if they spend countless hours managing Salesforce or collaborate with managers & peers only after a deal is at risk. Bringing Salesforce to Slack is just the beginning of a new way of working!


After being Salesforce users for many years, we developed a it’s complicated relationship with it. 

We absolutely love it because of its customizable and scalable nature. But at the same time, as a CRM it’s difficult for the SalesOps team to configure and for the end-user to use. 

As we saw more & more companies practically living out of Slack, we thought to ourselves - what if we bring Salesforce to Slack.

That insight gave birth to Rattle! We are building a magical combination between Salesforce and Slack that lets the sales team track and update Salesforce all while sitting in Slack.

Our Company Values

Move fast
High bar

Our Team

Sahil Aggarwal


Apoorva Verma


Milan Pal Singh


Loved by modern sales teams at high-growth companies

Managing SFDC takes time
Rattle gives it back!