Rattle raises $2.8M to modernize enterprise sales stack

Sahil Aggarwal
January 17, 2023
Rattle raises $2.8M to modernize enterprise sales stack

The beginning

Apoorva, Milan & I started Rattle almost a year back (August 2020) with the goal of changing the way we all use enterprise software.

In our previous experiences, we had used almost all major software - Salesforce for CRM, SAP for ERP, Workday for HRIS, Jira for Issue Tracking, and many more. One common frustration across these systems was their usability. Their user interface is stuck in the 90s, they feel overly complex for performing simple tasks and would usually load slow.

Contrast that to other applications that we use in our daily lives - Instagram, Uber/Lyft, Spotify, etc which have a delightful user experience. We wanted to solve this dichotomy. 

While we were searching for a solution, we saw the meteoric rise of new-age engagement platforms such as Slack and MS Teams and the answer was clear. What if we merge enterprise software with collaboration applications that we all live in & love. This insight gave birth to Rattle.

Rattle is the middleware between enterprise software and messaging apps
Rattle is the middleware between enterprise software and messaging apps

Salesforce & Slack

We started with Salesforce as the enterprise platform and Slack as the messaging app and built a deep integration between the two platforms. And the response from our customers has been phenomenal from Day 1

Wherever we rolled out Rattle - we saw irreversible behavioral change as to how information was consumed and captured. What took hours before could now be done in seconds. What was reactive before, suddenly became proactive. 

Frontline reps started saving a lot of time spent doing admin work on Salesforce and managers would be proactively alerted for important events and started catching things that would have otherwise slipped through the cracks.

An example below - a rep could now log their meeting notes in seconds as opposed to logging into Salesforce, finding the record, finding the field, and making the update.

The impact

We knew from user feedback that this was game-changing for their team’s productivity. But when we looked at the data, it absolutely blew our mind as to how transformational this was.

  1. Reps started saving 45 mins every day - GTM teams spend an ungodly amount of time managing Salesforce. After switching to Rattle, they would get 30-45 minutes back every day - as now the CRM came to them and gave them only that information that was relevant at that moment.
  2. Forecasting accuracy improved by 30% - Good forecasts rely on good data. Whenever an underlying data was missing or went stale, Rattle would alert the salesperson in Slack and let them fix it just by clicking a button. This allowed sellers to keep their pipeline up to date and improve the accuracy of the forecasting reports for their managers and executive team.
  3. Executive visibility saw a step-change - As Rattle notified management of important events in real-time, they were able to get a real-time pulse of how sales were going, pattern-match, and identify trends much sooner. And since these alerts would come in Slack, they could coach their teams easily without switching between multiple platforms.

Impact on the bottomline


We have built the most advanced Salesforce <> Slack integration on the planet and are continuing to make it better.

  1. <1 minute set up time - We are routinely called the most seamless Salesforce app to get started with. This is because of our one-click integrations with Salesforce and Slack.
  2. No configuration needed - Our system works out of the box and doesn’t need any configuration. No matter how much custom work has been done on your Salesforce instance, Rattle adapts to it immediately with no time investment from the user.
  3. Supports all objects and fields - Rattle natively supports all custom objects and all custom fields.
  4. No learning curve for the team - Change management is a big part of rolling out a new tool. But since Rattle is designed to merge with Slack, the team doesn’t have to learn a new software.
  5. 100% flexible - Because of how deep the integration is, Rattle is able to support all workflows and automate any task, no matter how complex it is.
  6. Super security - We follow modern security practices, encrypt all data, support SSO, and will be SOC II compliant in the next few weeks.

What’s next?

What we have done for Salesforce & Slack, we plan to bring the same transformation for all enterprise software. We are starting with the GTM tech stack and will be adding support for MS Teams soon. 

If you think your organization can benefit from Rattle, get in touch with us here

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