Rattle raises $26M Series A to change how revenue teams work with Salesforce

Sahil Aggarwal
January 17, 2023
Rattle raises $26M Series A to change how revenue teams work with Salesforce

You can read more about the official news on Forbes and VentureBeat.

The Rattle ride has been extremely exhilarating so far. In just the last 12 months - we raised $29M in capital (across seed and Series A rounds), grew revenue 10x, are now a team of 20 (doubled headcount in last 2 months & hiring across the board), and have more than 100 companies & 4,000 users active daily on the platform. Our incredibly talented team achieved all of this with their grit, hard work & ambition and we are only getting started!

What do we do?

We all use highly intuitive applications in our personal lives (think Instagram, Lyft, Spotify) but our work applications (Salesforce, Workday, JIRA, SAP & others) leave a lot to be desired in terms of usability and UI. Rattle exists to bring the same delightful user experience to our work tools and solve this dichotomy.

We are on a mission to change the way we all use software by eliminating the painful data entry process of enterprise go-to-market systems and simplifying work by not only making data accessible but also proactively bringing important data to users in the places they work most in (like Slack & MS Teams).


Our phenomenal customers are at the center of everything we do and none of the milestones would have been possible without their overwhelming love & support. 

Based on feedback we regularly get from our customers, what we are doing is clearly resonating. See just a few unprompted reactions that we received in the last few months alone.

We are incredibly proud to count some of the fastest-growing companies in the world as customers. The list includes names like Miro, Rippling, Automattic, ProductBoard, ClickUp, Clearbit, WorkBoard, and many others that you would recognize and probably use daily. Here’s what a few of them had to say about Rattle.

Raving customer testimonials from scaling, hyper-growth companies

Every company in the world should be using Rattle

Okay, I am definitely biased here but I absolutely believe that there is no reason for a company to not use Rattle. The software takes less than a minute to deploy, requires no change management (as we don’t introduce anything new but rather utilize existing tools in the tech stack), and proves ROI often within the same day.

If you are skeptical, book a demo here and ask our team for a free trial to kick the tires and see the results for yourself.

Start seeing ROI on day one

Product Progression

When raising our seed round, our initial focus was to accelerate our product roadmap and feature releases. In the last 6 months, we’ve gone from having the leading Salesforce-to-Slack integration to adding several enterprise system integrations into our ecosystem and dozens of feature-rich releases for an overall superior experience.

Some of the capabilities we’ve released in the last 6 months are:

  1. Integrations with Gainsight, Microsoft Teams, and Outreach – Providing the same agility and flexibility as our Salesforce integration, we’ve expanded our product ecosystem to enable an end-to-end systems process for all customer-facing teams.
  2. Dynamic deal rooms – We’ve taken creating specific deal channels a few steps further. Users can now add alerts and users to the deal room at the most relevant times.
  3. Automatic contact creation – We’ve simplified one of the most frustrating steps in the sales process. Now, Rattle will auto-create contacts in Salesforce from your customer calendar events. No more missing records, customer notes, or wasted admin time.  
  4. Moment in time alerts – We’ve compressed alerts into a single Slack or MS Teams message. Flip through each record notification without scrolling through your feed.
  5. Custom Slackbots – While Sir-Ding-A-Lot is the face you’ve come to love with Rattle, users now have the ability to add custom images to their bots to help further their use cases.
  6. SOC 2 Type 2 and ISO certifications – We believe in trust and have enhanced our security posture so you can use Rattle without any concern. 
  7. And dozens more – We encourage creativity and experimentation, so we’re constantly building and improving our products. With our new funding this will only accelerate our releases for the creative minds.

See all the features and capabilities firsthand with Rattle

What’s next?

While we’ve built the foundation, we’ve realized it’s time for us to enter our next stage of growth and accomplish these next goals: 

  1. Shout from the rooftops – No more flying under the radar, we want to tell the world! Enterprise applications haven’t changed much over the last couple of decades and modern business processes and revenue teams deserve systems that can move as fast as they do! 
  2. Accelerate our vision – Rattle is the underlying infrastructure for modern businesses. This funding will allow us to build a world-class work environment where the brightest minds can thrive and solve the inefficiencies the business world faces today. (btw, we’re hiring!)
  3. Expand our ecosystem – From a more extensive integration portfolio to deeper product functionality and improved user experience, Rattle is continually releasing product updates committed to our mission of enabling effective teams.


We can’t state where we are headed without acknowledging where we’ve been. Thank you to all our outstanding customers, who have made our journey possible with their transparent feedback along the way and my amazing teammates, who bring their best selves to work everyday and make it a joy building Rattle. We wouldn’t be here without each and every one of you and are thrilled to continue this ride together.

Sahil Aggarwal

Co-founder & CEO

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