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RevOps 2.0: How Process Automation Changes Everything For Revenue Teams

Sir Ding
September 27, 2023
RevOps 2.0: How Process Automation Changes Everything For Revenue Teams

It's no secret that the revenue world is in disarray. Survey after survey, report after report. They all show that teams are stressed, sales cycles are increasingly messy, and CROs are left wondering how to optimize… well, everything. 

From frontline managers to sellers, the collective vibe is in virtual shambles: frustration and burnout are everywhere. And for that, revenue team members are still working harder, not necessarily smarter.

We're all clamoring for a hero to save us. But who — o, who! — could that be?

A New Hope: The Rise of RevOps

Speaking particularly from the ground level, RevOps has been the backbone of revenue teams for a few years now, but it's historically been pretty bogged down. A survey by Rattle revealed this past winter that RevOps both expects and wants to be strategic advisors in their roles, but very much just end up as custodians, manually cleaning up messy processes all the live-long day…

The RevOps Strikes Back

This is where RevOps 2.0 comes in.

This is a complete evolution of the function, something that’s finally as influential and powerful as revenue teams need it to be. Rattle now largely prevents most if not all of the daily tactical issues that once hampered RevOps — and allows them to set strategies, test them extensively, optimize how their team works and sells together, and turn their sales process into a true competitive advantage for their team. Armed with the right tools and processes, RevOps can transform from firefighters to architects, focused on the long-term rather than the ad hoc. 

Process Automation: The Catalyst for RevOps 2.0

Process Automation. It's not about reducing manual tasks; it's about empowerment and flawless execution. With Rattle’s Process Automation, those time-consuming adherence problems that take up RevOps day vanish so that RevOps can focus on what matters: executing effective strategies at-scale, nailing data hygiene, and constantly tweaking and testing processes for optimum outcomes. We’ve broken it down into four important pillars.

The 4 Pillars of Process Automation

The four pillars of Process Automation — Workflow Efficiency, Deal Execution, Data Hygiene, and Process Visualization — are the backbone of a transformative RevOps strategy. 

Here's why each is so pivotal:

Workflow Efficiency

  • Challenge: Stalled workflows and low compliance have long been the bane of RevOps. Too much time gets sucked into manual tracking and hand-slapping, causing more important/impact strategic initiatives to be put on the backburner. And worst of all? Nothing seems to change.
  • Importance: Automating workflows frees up bandwidth for strategic initiatives. With Rattle, you not only align tasks with business goals, but you also foster a culture of accountability without the incessant nudging.

Deal Execution

  • Challenge: Siloed selling kills deals. Sales reps, customer success teams, and RevOps often operate in isolated pockets, making seamless deal closure a daunting task.
  • Importance: Rattle's Deal Execution centralizes essential info. Everyone gets real-time updates, enabling a coordinated effort to proactively handle objections and close deals more effectively.

Data Hygiene

  • Challenge: Inaccurate or outdated CRM data can wreak havoc on forecasting, budgeting, and long-term planning. Yet, keeping data pristine is viewed as a chore.
  • Importance: Clean data is non-negotiable for precise decision-making. Rattle’s one-click updates streamline this process, turning a dreaded task into an effortless click. RevOps get data they can trust, and reps get to Inbox Zero.

Process Visualization

  • Challenge: Static documents like SOPs often go unread or quickly become outdated, leading to haphazard execution and misalignment.
  • Importance: Real-time playbooks allow RevOps to pivot quickly. With Rattle, you can identify bottlenecks instantly, course-correct, and align your team for immediate action.

Rattle: The First Revenue Process Automation Platform

To thrive in this new era, revenue teams must embrace RevOps 2.0 and leverage Process Automation to achieve flawless execution, impeccable data hygiene, and strategic agility.

Rattle is the first Process Automation Platform built to offer a comprehensive suite of tools to automate the gruntwork of revenue operations and allow teams the chance to truly find the revenue strategy — from leads through retention — that allows them to thrive in one of the toughest selling climates ever.

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