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RevOps After Dark: Jan. 18, 2024

Sir Ding
January 18, 2024
RevOps After Dark: Jan. 18, 2024

Welcome to the world of #RevOps After Dark, where we get straight to the revenue news you (hopefully, probably) wanna know, adding just an X of that Rattle-brand X+1. 🧪

This week we've got a special edition!  

Starting with this: WE'RE STARTING OUR OWN EXPERTS-ONLY COMMUNITY, YOU DEVILISH FOOLS! (You can learn more, and apply, here.)

Let's just keep it as that for now. (Experts only!)

Now. This week:

  • What LinkedIn's 2024 outlandishly popular "Jobs on the Rise" report suggests of a shift in revenue team priorities;
  • Joe LaGrutta on why data silos can be particularly harmful (for more reasons than you think); and
  • One last shameless plug to join us in Austin, Texas and/or New York, New York for a night of RevOps merriment and such.

Alright, let's get to business!

Business, Tools & Software News

🥲 RevOps remains relevant YoY, in largely-ignored social media report

LinkedIn's much-anticipated-but-only-at-Rattle "Jobs on the Rise" report dropped this week to offer a scintillating peak on where the job market may be headed. Yet again, RevOps found themselves high on the esteemed-but-only-at-Rattle list. This year, the role fell from the top spot to #4, it's important to note that it was the only position from 2023 to remain in the top 10 (💅).

To us, this fact coupled with the crowning of 2024's new king/queen of jobs — Chief Growth Officer — suggests there may be a strategic shift towards integrated growth strategies: to wit, C Suites are increasingly recognizing the importance of aligning their sales, marketing, and CS teams to drive growth. Will RevOps report to the CGO in the future? Will you split your time between the CGO and the CRO and eventually quit in abject frustration, cussing them both out? Sounds like a 2026 problem to us!

Other interesting facts that interested us, interestingly from the report:

  • RevOps skews heavily male — 39% lasses; 61% lads;
  • You'll need an average 7 years of experience to land a role of Director of RevOps (seems high); and
  • One noted path to the title: Director of Customer Success. (Which, really? No. That can't be true?)

🤞 Publishers: Things are better for me (less so for thee)!

In 2023, 48% of publishers surveyed by the internet publication Digiday (paywall) felt their companies had a successful year. Not bad. Their outlook for the media industry as a whole? Uh, far less positive, with only 9% agreeing there. For 2024, those numbers are way up — dare-we-even-say optimistic:: 63% of publishers are hopeful about their companies' prospects, and 20% shared this optimism for the media industry as a whole. Which is low, but it's up +100% YoY. (Worth noting that our upcoming State of RevOps report will show similar optimistic trends between 2023 and 2024 among RevOps pros, but you didn't hear that from us 😬). Also notable: no newspaper media publishers were surveyed by Digiday because they don't use carrier pigeons to send their surveys.

🍷 Benioff in Davos: Let’s avoid ‘A.I. Hiroshima’

Hat-wearin' chest-hair enthusiast and Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, at the World Economic Forum in Davos this week, warned of the need for safe development of A.I. to avoid a 'Hiroshima moment.' Which... while evocative.......


Doesn't seem like an apples-to-apples comparison. To his credit, Benioff also emphasized the need to create industry-wide safety protocols and broader ethical principles, mostly amid growing concerns over A.I.'s trustworthiness, inherent biases, and yada yada yada pending negative affects on the global job market as a whole. (In the interest in balance:  ServiceNow's CEO was singing the praises for the same kind of A.I. that Rattle has been deploying for months now at the same event).

🤖 Your Weekly “A.I. in Revenue” Breakdown

  • 🙈 OpenAI quietly makes classic dystopian movie move — They removed the explicit ban of warfare use from their Ts&Cs. (Indeed, Skynet will be pleased.) Not to be outdone, they also unveiled ChatGPT Team, which is likely a tool that's just as collaborative as warfare... but for far less horrific ends?
  • 🐰 What's up doc? — A new handheld A.I.-led device, Rabbit OS, has been steadily gaining in popularity, if only to be memed to death. Perhaps a new channel, perhaps a passing fad. Something to keep an eye on, in any case. (Even if it is eyesore-ish).
  • ⚙️ It wasn't all gadgets at CES2024— Turns out, a few notable instances of A.I. software was there too. One thing that also came up that may play into your revenue team's strategy: The increasing importance of user recommendations.

Strategy & Tactic News

🌽 LaGrutta: Data is like grain...

Okay, okay... we're being smartasses. In a recent post, RevOps expert Joe LaGrutta, MBA made an excellent point: When data is trapped in silos (see? grain...) it not only creates inefficiencies and poor decision-making due to a fragmented understanding of the business... it also leads to technical problems like complex ETL processes and risks to your data integrity. The true cost, to LaGrutta, lies in missed opportunities for collaboration, emphasizing the need for breaking down these silos to spur far more informed decisions. (You could even, say, break them down with our Deal Rooms tool).

🤯 Most GPTs are terrible: These are not

Ole Lehmann (The AI Solopreneur) came out firing on all cylinders on Tuesday with this post on what GPTs in OpenAI's new store — already a sea of mediocrity — are actually useful. After vetting a few of these ourselves, we're inclined to agree that they are verifiably not awful... especially for the tool Prompty, which helps you become your own best prompt engineer. Handy in just about every gen A.I. use case you can imagine.

A Good Read

🦉 “2024: The year A.I. was let out of its cage”

Hopefully speaking metaphorically (👀)...

In 2024, writes Peter van der Putten of Pegasystems for, gen A.I. is expected to become more central in business applications, moving beyond just model updates to specific, value-driven use cases with a focus on customer and business benefits. Think of it as a time to breathe and catch up. This shift will be facilitated by a new generation of workers who are increasingly A.I.-tool literate, emphasizing a real need for responsible and ethical usage, and moving towards giving A.I. more autonomy under (hopefully extremely vigilant 😅) human supervision.

So yeah... AGI by 2025? 🤔

The Ad Hoc

🦖 Austin, NYC: Still lookin’ at you! Rawr!

San Francisco had a helluva turnout — blurry in more ways than one — for our first-ever "RevOps Masterclass Roadshow," which brought a fantastic combination of learning and networking to our favorite ICP.

Next week, we're looking to ATX — with speakers Cole Evetts and Meg Peterson  — and NYC — with Kevin Dzierzawski and Scott Malish — to do it again. If you're around, bored/lonely/curious/ or even just hungry you can/should RSVP at the city of your domicile here.


Alright, that's it for this week!

We'll be back next Thursnight with more revenue news to keep your tactical chops sharp and your strategic mind on literal fire.

Remember you can always reach out to us at for any questions, concerns, or cease and desist letters.

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