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RevOps After Dark: Nov. 30, 2023

Sir Ding
November 30, 2023
RevOps After Dark: Nov. 30, 2023

Welcome to the world of RevOps After Dark, where we get straight to the revenue news you (hopefully, probably) wanna know, adding in just a speck of that Rattle-brand heck. 😈

This week… we're BACK from the Great Thanksgiving Dark-Out of 2023 (i.e. we took a week off) to dish on...

  • United Airlines in-flight ads (maybe) getting personal 👂
  • How many RevOps are there, out in the wild? 🐯
  • A quick rundown of all the A.I. tool breakneck development 🦿
  • And way, way more!

Let's get to it, babies!

Tools & Software News

😬 Musk ticks off advertisers, tells them to go f*ck themselves

In what might be the best lesson EVER in the live-by-the-die-by-the nature of "Personality Led Marketing": LinkedIn ubermensch-villain and famous Diablo II player Elon Musk spurred a massive exodus of major media brands, including Disney and Warner Bros., from spending ad dollars on his cratering Twitter manque, X, this week. The major players ceased monied activities following Musk's endorsement of let's just call it "controversial content" earlier in the week. We think, for revenue teams, the situation isn't without its learnings: there's a little nugget on the importance of brand safety, the flexibility needed in GTM strategy (say, when the C-suite goes Looney Tunes), and the need to adapt to public sentiment.

Now back to not talking about Musk until we have to.

🤖 Let's just deal with A.I. in one place now

It's gotten to the point where this whole newsletter could easily be 100% about new A.I. tools, updates, hand-wringing, and tons of other fun nightmarish stuff (have you seen the A.I. coffee shop yet? Woof.). So, we're going to save you the time and just highlight the big stuff in snarky bullet form (gotta stay on-brand).

  • Anthropic updated Claude to a massive 200K context window.
  • Bard can now watch YouTube videos for you— and maybe finally explain to me what Skibidi Toilet is.
  • OpenAI celebrates a year of ChatGPT after a brief pause in Sam Altman's tenure.
  • Amazon just joined the A.I. party — late — and instead of beer and chips, they brought stale water. And unsalted corn chips.
  • And not to be outdone, Bing Chat, noted they're working on an Always Read Aloud function. Combining the never-annoying charm of a Siri with the raving popularity (heh) of a Bing.

🇬🇧 Brits Face Their Post-Brexit Compliance Regs

The Data Protection and Digital Information Bill, or DPDI, inched closer this week to revamping the UK's data protection laws, tweaking the GDPR and DPA of 2018 with a more tea-and-crumpets flavored (AKA UK-centric) approach. For RevOps dealing in Merry Ol' England, staying "clever" as they say over there is key, as the bill redefines 'personal data', alters automated processing rules, shifts from data protection officers to more flexible senior responsible individuals, and makes Beefeaters dry-clean their hats at least once a month– changes that might seem subtle but stand to pack a regulatory punch. All but the last bit. We made that one up. Clearly. ☕️

Strategy & Tactic News

🐜 How many RevOps are out there? 10? 13?

RevOps guru Haris Odobasic posted a cool idea this week: What if he searched Linkedin Navigator to see just how many RevOps are out there, ya know... pourin' coffee directly into their mouths from the carafe? He looked into their distribution across industries and geos and compared them to other Ops-related functions... and didn't get nearly enough love. Go ahead. Stop. Think of a number. (Hint: It's not endangered species low).

Were you close?

🛫 United mulls targeted in-flight ads

As if the modern flying experience couldn't get any more ... what it is: United Airlines is considering placing targeted ads in its in-flight entertainment systems and mobile app, with sources indicating to The WSJ the real possibility of an opt-out for customers due to privacy laws. Honestly, I was just thinking that there's nothing I'd like more than to have my random seatmate see a full 3 minutes of retargeted "Earwax Scraper With Camera" commercials on my screen before asking me to get up to "go to the bathroom" and presumably jumping out of the plane mid-flight.

🤔 What flavor of RevOps do ya need? Sales Assembly's Rosen Weighs In

Sales Assembly President Brad Rosen recently made a great point: Before hiring someone in RevOps, it's important to, ya know... define what the role entails for your org. Turns out, the role can encompass a wide range of functions... from Salesforce admin to strategic capacity planning. His advice, to determine the specific objectives, metrics, KPIs, and comp for the role, and then leverage your network to find a candidate that aligns with these criteria, is where hammer meets the nail — on the head.

🤖 CEO Transcript Roulette: It'll Work Until It Doesn't 🤷

Clari CMO Kyle Coleman recently dropped his favorite A.I.-powered workflow for prospecting: searching for interviews with company CEOs, extracting takeaways using ChatGPT, and then writing tailored (short) emails that connect the insights to your company’s given value proposition, ensuring they are edited for clarity and brevity before sending to key stakeholders at the prospect account. Nothing like trickery to get started off building a relationship predicated on trust. ❤️

A Good Read

☎️ Turn Sales Call Recordings Into a Competitive Edge

The Rattle blog is at it again with some fire content.

Instead of using A.I. for nefarious and misleading purposes, you could also not!

In 2023, B2B sales teams are increasingly using sales call recordings to gain insights and get that all-important competitive edge. The process involves recording calls to ensure message consistency, training sales reps, then analyzing the data using A.I. for actionable insights, then later integrating these findings into the team's workflow to improve sales outcomes. This approach, coupled with targeted guidance and sharing insights across departments, can actually and truly enhance sales performance — plus align the entire organization with market realities.

Learn up right here


Anddddd that's it for this week!

We're so happy to be back!

We'll return next Thursnight with more news and tips, and presumably less ear wax. Thanks for reading — remember you can always reach out to us at for any questions, comments, concerns, or yes even positive things to say.

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