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The ENABLE Framework: Crafting Notifications that Actually Boost Sales

Nick Gaudio
May 24, 2023
The ENABLE Framework: Crafting Notifications that Actually Boost Sales

Here at Rattle, we talk a lot about the difference between Noise and Signal — the former being the inputs that distract or prevent your team from being more awesome, while the latter sharpens their focus and inspires action.

Our obsession with signals is probably obvious (after all, our pitch is that we've built an automated system that sends signals to sales teams when something needs to be done, tells them exactly what that something is, and then allows them to do that something right there in the message) but mainly because study after study points to noise costing your team a lot of money (and signal saving it):

The unfortunate thing these days isn’t just that Noise is everywhere and growing — but that noise has an uncanny ability to swallow signals outright, turning it into more noise.

For business leaders, it is simply not enough to send signals for their own sake. You’ll just make prettier Noise.

Just like everything else, you need to be thoughtful with what you send, when you send it, and what information to include.

Thankfully, there is a proven way to build the notifications that maximize your ability to keep your team on-task, on-track, and on-target.

But first, we should talk about how even the best intentioned signal becomes noise.

How Signals Become Noise

Imagine if one day, instead of Batman’s Bat Signal — Gotham sent out a silhouette of a duck into the sky instead.


The Caped Crusader, obviously quite busy — what with fighting bad guys, polishing the Batmobile, etc.— would probably be confused as to his next steps, right?

This confusion, even for a suave billionaire-turned-vigilante, is more likely than not to lead to inaction, or the wrong action.

In this case, the Duck Signal is an example of how signals break down and become noise.

Let’s take a moment to dissect it.

The Bat Signal works as a perfect piece of communication because it's clear, consistent, and concise. It signals to Batman that his assistance is needed — nothing more, nothing less.

In contrast, the Duck Signal has no established meaning, no set context within which to interpret it. It's like suddenly speaking a foreign language to someone who doesn't understand it. There's no chance of coherent understanding or action.

In this way, a poorly crafted signal essentially becomes noise — distracting, confusing, and utterly useless in driving action.

Now, translate this to your sales team. They're bombarded with poorly timed, poorly constructed wannabe “signals” — AKA noise — every day. Emails. Notifications in your CRM. Calls. Reports. Meetings. Whatever it is, they fail to inspire the right action. Also ask “What are my top reps doing everyday?. In a perfect world, they are talking with prospects and customers all day long. And guess what they aren’t doing? They are definitely not tearing apart every single dashboard, report, account, and opportunity object you have in your CRM.

The sheer volume of this makes it challenging for your team to distinguish between what's important and what's not. This information overload causes the meaningful signals to be lost in the noise, impeding productivity and decision-making. As the saying goes, the easiest decision to make is none at all.

The Keys to Effective Signal Generation

The biggest job here is not to simply create signals, but to craft them strategically

To prevent signals from becoming noise, they must be carefully designed and managed.

So how do we recommend doing that? Glad you asked!

The ENABLE Framework

To optimize your signal generation and provide clear, actionable notifications that empower sales teams to do their best work (and to empower you to empower them), we developed this checklist to help you gauge whether you’re making the kind of signal that has staying power, or just more noise.

So without further ado, every signal should include:

E — Explicit Action

The notification should inform the rep about the specific action they need to take within Salesforce or their sales process. This should be 100% crystal clear.

N — Navigation Assistance 

When appropriate, include data and/or links to enablement content, providing the rep with easy access to further knowledge or guidance on the required action. The rep may not know how to fill out a field or executive on a specific task within their sales process if they can’t remember or lack the knowledge or skills to do so.

A — Accountability Escalation

If the rep doesn't take the suggested action, a follow-up notification should be sent to both the rep and their manager to ensure accountability.

B — Big Picture 

The notification should provide the "what, why, and how" to give reps context and help them understand the importance of the action.

L — Language Clarity

Use clear and concise language to effectively communicate the message, reducing the risk of misunderstandings or confusion. Sometimes, with particularly difficult or broad terms, it also helps to even establish a glossary for the company argot, and link to that as well.

E — Engagement (and Amazement)

We’re not ducks. Or bats. Or (most of us) billionaires with a lot of time on our hands. We’re humans. As such, make sure to design the notification to be visually appealing and engaging, encouraging reps to pay attention and take the necessary action. (This is a big reason why we encourage adding emojis andGIFs to your Rattles).

What This Framework Can Do

The ENABLE framework will ultimately ensure that every signal is clear, direct, and to the point — and that your team understands what it means and what action it's meant to inspire. So: not noise.

Like the Dark Knight seeing the Bat Signal, your sales team should know exactly what to do when they receive a specific notification. If there's any ambiguity or confusion, you risk your signals turning into more crud to sift through.

At the end of the day, effective signal management isn't just about being heard. It's about being understood, inspiring action, and focusing your team's energy where it's needed most. The best signals cut through the noise, drive productivity, boost morale, and improve the bottom line.

So be the hero this city needs and deserves, and start using the ENABLE framework today.

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