Data Hygiene

Cleaner data,
better growth

We asked 6 RevOps experts what their secret to scalability was: they all said, "clean data." This is the book that resulted after we asked: "Well, then, how do you get cleaner data at-scale?"

Inside the Guide

Revenue operations mastersminds from Gong, Redis, Everlaw, and more — who have scaled to $3B in ARR — gave us their six golden rules for reliable, sustainable growth.

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You can't get on the same page if you're not... on the same page. To get there, make your own data dictionary, suggests Rosalyn Santa Elena, explaining how to do that.

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Like raising a baby of data, it takes a village to get data collection right. Mallory Lee jumps into how to get the whole team vibin', including going over KPIs together.

Be Boring

Be boring. Boring is good, says Gong's Brian Bayless. Boring is predictable. And once you're predictable, that's when the real fun in revenue operations starts.

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