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Manage your customer interactions in one place. Alert, create, or update CRM records—all within Slack.


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Unlock customer insights, increase data accuracy and improve forecasting.

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See why 2,000+ revenue leaders trust Rattle to help their business grow
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Unlock insights. Close more deals. Prove ROI.

No more dropping the ball. Built with sales in mind, run your entire daily sales motions directly from Slack. Less apps, scrolling through pages, and fewer clicks. Get real-time sales alerts on your funnel and the steps you need to take next.

It's like the sales assistant you never had.

Take the guess work out of sales and stay informed on every customer interaction and data point. Rattle simplifies even the most complex go-to-market processes, leaving reps and customers with a positive sales experience.

From changes in deal amount to closed won alerts and reminders on upcoming renewals to everything in between, always have a pulse on your revenue with Rattle.

Forecasting has never been easier...or more reliable.

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