AI & RevOps

5 Strategies That Actually Work

Forty percent of RevOps professionals have not adopted AI yet. Whether you’re in that 40% or the 60% already leveraging AI, this webinar will give you worthwhile use cases that will save you time and elevate your revenue teams. 

Watch this on-demand webinar from RevGenius and Rattle, as revenue leaders dive into how to actually use AI and discuss:

  • Utilizing predictive analytics to swiftly adapt to market changes
  • Automating routine tasks and integrating data seamlessly
  • Strategic real-time decision-making to dynamically optimize operations 
  • How to navigate the uncertainty of AI

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Meet your speakers

  • Jen Igartua, CEO at Go NImbly

    Jen Igartua

    CEO, Go Nimbly
  • Chris Stabile, Practice Director at Operatus

    Chris Stabile

    Practice Director, RevOps, Operatus
  • David Lee, VP of Business Operations at Rattle

    David Lee

    Vice President of Business Operations, Rattle

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