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They Got The Moves: Reducing Deals Stuck in Stage by 70%

A solid tech stack is one of the most important building blocks for a team’s performance, success, and effectiveness.

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    Moveworks is a conversational AI platform that unifies all enterprise systems to boost employee productivity and resolve business issues.
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    500 - 1,000

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    Software Development

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    Sapphire Ventures, Bain Capital, Alkeon Capital, Kleiner Perkins, and more


A solid tech stack is one of the most important building blocks for a team’s performance, success, and effectiveness. Particularly for sales operations and revenue operations leaders, the tech stack can be a major partner in achieving the goals of the organization. 

For the revenue team at Moveworks, they understand the power –  and necessity – of the right tools. They had previously integrated a revenue workflow engine called Troops into their RevTech stack, hoping to see improvements in process adoption, data hygiene, visibility and alignment. As time went on and Moveworks’ needs and opportunities scaled, they re-evaluated their tools and brought Rattle into the mix, crediting Rattle’s approach to privacy and data storage as well as the power and ease of Rattle’s workflow builder..

“When we put Rattle head to head with Troops, it quickly became very apparent to us that there were two totally different approaches to the products,” said Andrew Barton, Senior Manager of Sales Operations at Moveworks. “Rattle aligned a lot more with where we were going, what we wanted to do as opposed to Troops.”

How Rattle helps

“When we laid out Troops and Rattle head-to-head, everything from the infrastructure to the architecture of Rattle to just working with the sales teams, it was night and day,” Andrew said. “From that point on, we were sold and haven't looked back since.”

Moveworks has continued to grow with Rattle, adding more and more workflows and use cases to the their Rattle experience, so that the entire revenue organization is benefiting – from frontline AEs and SDRs to sales leadership to CS.

Centralized decision-making on important deals

Moveworks uses Rattle’s Deal Rooms feature to bring all the key stakeholders into the same virtual room to discuss important deals. Andrew has built a system that loops in the right people at the right time – starting with the AE and sales manager and eventually including more sales leadership, CRO, even founders if need be. These individual rooms, per deal, make it far easier to coordinate a winning plan, and the automated setup through Rattle ensures that deals are being discussed in a timely, efficient way. 

“Deal Rooms centralizes all the communication and collaboration for that deal in one spot, which has been really great,” Andrew said. “Everything from next steps being updated, close dates, values changing – some of the basic stuff all the way to automated adding of new recipients to the channel as a deal progresses. It makes it really easy for the AE and anybody else on the deal to get pulled in to catch up on things.”

Data hygiene in the SDR org

One of the key benefits that Moveworks has seen from using Rattle is the team’s improvement on data hygiene. This is true across the revenue org. One big win in particular has come from the Sales Development team, which is one of the first – and most critical – touchpoints in the early stages of a sales process. 

Getting started early on with a solid data foundation for new accounts makes a big difference, so Moveworks implemented Rattle workflows to support the SDRs in an efficient and easy process for updating records. 

“Post a meeting happening, we’ll them to fill out the feedback and to progress or disqualify the opportunity depending on how the meeting went,” Andrew said. “And even with just that one little workflow, we saw a pretty big impact to our conversion rates, not to mention the hygiene of clearing out stuff or moving things through the funnel or moving them out quickly as opposed to that constant problem of having things just sit and nobody know quite where it's at.”

Increased collaboration (and candor!) 

Rattle helps increase the visibility of important information throughout the sales journey from pipeline to revenue to expansion. But it’s about more than just making information easily seen. It’s also about delivering information in the right place and at the right time. 

For Moveworks, this meant changing the way they talked about lost deals. Rather than posting every lost deal into a long stream in a public channel, Andrew used Rattle to create information-rich updates in a private channel where specific participants could discuss the outcome. 

“Nobody wants to talk about a loss in front of 300 people in a public Slack channel,” Andrew said. “So we converted that channel to a private channel, added some more detailed fields to it, and kept the channel just with sales leadership. Once the  loss gets posted, the manager will add further context, and then typically the discussion sparks from there. The post-mortem happens much more easily now within that channel.”


  • 70 percent reduction in deals stuck in stage
  • Increase in conversion rate from unqualified to qualified pipeline thanks to improved velocity of moving deals through stage and better data hygiene on qualified vs. unqualified leads
  • Improved process adoption throughout the revenue org
  • Collaboration across teams through Deal Rooms and through strategic handoffs from sales to CS

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