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Rattle’s no-code, fully customizable Revenue Workflow Engine gets teams executing on pipeline, deals, and customer retention like never before... in as little as a week.

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Top sales teams love Rattle


Your sales team’s new favorite automation

When your CRM adapts to your human workflows, you can get to your ROI goals faster and increase performance with less effort.

faster lead response times
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Hours per rep saved every week
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Increase in data accuracy
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How it works.

Get to your ROI goals faster. Increase performance with less effort. Make your CRM adapt to your human workflows.


Integrate in seconds

Yes, in seconds! Connect Salesforce and Slack in just one click.


No code

Deploy Rattle for any challenge using pre-built playbooks and our no-code builder.


Roll it out, seamlessly

There’s no new tool to learn, so your team’s learning curve will be extinct.

Helping high-growth sales teams run smarter

Get rid of grunt work and let your sales team use their brainpower to better use


Instantly log calls & update Salesforce

Often in back-to-back meetings, it is hard for reps to capture critical deal data in Salesforce. Rattle lets reps log their calls, track key metrics, and manage opportunities - all from Slack


Keep teammates in the loop

Never miss any crucial Salesforce update! Be it collaborating on large deals or keeping track of new inbound leads, Rattle ensures that you and your team are always on the same page


No more "clean the room" dashboards

Your forecasts are only as good as your underlying data. Rattle notifies reps when critical deal data is missing or has gone stale. They can then fix these in seconds, directly from Slack

See why sales teams love Rattle

Rattle re-established the feeling of connection at Terminus”

The feeling of being able to interact with people, the way it used to happen in offices in pre-COVID times - I am able to give that to people with Rattle. It has simply re-established the feeling of connection for us.

Kramer Proud
Revenue Operations Manager
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Our Salesforce data won't be as good as it is without Rattle”

Rattle's ability to capture the necessary inputs via Slack rather than forcing reps into Salesforce has streamlined the process. It has greatly improved our ability to both manage the team & deliver an accurate forecast!

J.T. Levin
VP of Sales

“Within a day, I moved our most critical processes from other tools to Rattle!”

Something that has changed after Rattle is that it elicits conversations amongst different teams other than sales. And we have also caught things that probably would have resulted in a negative customer experience.

Jeff Ronaldi
GTM Operations Manager
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“Rattle has been incredibly impactful to me and my team.”

Being able to not only have these notifications directly in Slack, but also having the ability to make the necessary changes from Slack, has already gotten rave reviews from the reps and that’s not an easy feat!

Logan Toskey
Sales Manager

Our team loves Rattle!”

We moved to Rattle as it takes minutes to set up, is incredibly easy to use and supports bi-directionality which our team loves!

Alex Netsch
Director of Revenue Operations

Rattle made us more agile and proactive”

Rattle has been a game changer for all our customer-facing teams. It allows us to keep better track of our customer engagements and as result has made a huge impact on improving our database hygiene, response times, and win ratios.

Christopher Wright
VP, Growth Marketing

Rattle has become a verb at Litmus”

Rattle allows me to create any kind of workflow that I can imagine and probably has had the highest ROI of any recent tools we have rolled out. The effort that we put in is very small compared to the value that we are getting.

Shelli Welch
Team Lead, Sales Operations
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Rattle is my best sales manager”

Rattle is my best sales manager! It helps me & my team stay on top of everything that's happening in our pipeline and allows me to coach the team in real-time.

Andrew Bothwell
SVP of Sales and Success

Rattle has been an absolute game-changer!”

In less than 5 minutes, I was able to roll out new processes that I had been waiting to introduce for months. I have not seen any other Salesforce/Slack integration that is so easy for the end-user.

Kirsten Brenner
Revenue Insights Manager
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Game Changing!”

Rattle should be an absolute requirement for any business using salesforce and slack every day. If you are in sales operations, sales management, or enablement you will blow your team away with Rattle.

Lee Tennant
Director of Sales Operations
Fast Radius

Rattle makes my job so much easier and fun!”

With our explosive growth, we had to add so many new processes & systems and Rattle has been our saving grace! It just makes it easy to do my job

Hannah Bauhof
Sales Operations Manager
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We are easily 30% more accurate with our forecasting”

Rattle flags data hygiene issues as soon as they happen and lets our team fix them in seconds from Slack. We can’t go back to the way we used to work before!

Brendan McDonald
Senior Operations Manager
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Life-changing for our sales team”

Our productivity and data hygiene has skyrocketed. Each rep saves almost 1 hour/day & our SalesOps team saves 5 hours/week. We can’t even imagine a world without Rattle!

Anupreet Singh
Sales Director
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Rattle is an integral part of our revenue strategy”

It’s helped us drive sales growth and productivity at a time of radical change. Rattle is truly a member of our team. With it, we’re driving improved pipeline and converting opportunities faster down the funnel. It’s almost like our sixth man on the court.

David Cardiel
VP, Marketing

The magic of Rattle!

Everything changes for the better when you manage Salesforce from Slack & Teams.

Get more headspace back in your day with Rattle.

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