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RevOps After Dark: Dec. 21, 2023

Nick Gaudio
December 21, 2023
RevOps After Dark: Dec. 21, 2023

Welcome to the world of #RevOps After Dark, where we get straight to the revenue news you (hopefully, probably) wanna know, adding in just a jingle of that Rattle-brand tingle.

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This week!

- Salesforce bought itself a holiday present in Spiff;

- The Vibe-cession has pivoted β€” back to vibin' 😎; and

-The importance of getting your sales process right (pst: It's important).

Now, let's get to business.

Business, Tools & Software News

πŸ’° Salesforce Rolls a Spiff, Creates Career Marketplace

Yup, them Salesforce folks are at it again. This week, the "#1 AI CRM" β€” as they're calling themselves now in their press release now (πŸ₯΄) β€” gobbled up the sales commission automation tool Spiff, who lit up at the news. Of course, this isn't just a random or unexpected foray into "becoming one"; these two have been flirting on AppExchange for years β€” Salesforce Ventures, even, was already batting their long (fake) eyelashes at Spiff with past hefty investments. Also, while we're here: "the #1 AI CRM" also rolled out their Trailblazer Career Marketplace this week, connecting job-seekers with big-name employers like IBM and Deloitte (which probably deserves its own story but we're not a "#1 AI CRM'-only newsletter okay).


Other business-y news includes:

🎨 Portrait of the Artist As a Jilted Innovator: Adobe's plan to acquire Figma for $20 billion has been called off due to regulatory challenges in Europe.

πŸ¦„ Wake Up Babe, New Unicorn Just Dropped: Tamara, a buy now, pay later platform (gulp) in Saudi Arabia, raised $340 million, valuing the fintech at $1 billion.

😩 Not Another 2020's Security Breach: This week, Telecom giant Xfinity disclosed a major security breach affecting about 36 million, urging customers to change passwords, enable multi-factor authentication, and stop using "password123" as your password for the love of all that is holy.


πŸ•ŠοΈ Economic Clouds Part, Good Vibes Shine Through

While we never really did get that big, bad recession (🐺) that so many experts had promised (shucks), we definitely did get some "downer vibes." The good news: American consumer confidence is rising β€” faster than expected, too. The consumer confidence index hit nearly 111 points in December.

While that's not exactly "It's a Christmas Miracle, Charlie Brown!"-type numbers (125 is considered "moderately optimistic"), it is a good deal higher than what analysts Β expected (~100). In a double-whammy of unexpected goodness: fears of an actual recession dropped Β to their lowest level this year. Maybe folks need to lay off the eggnog, or maybe...we're actually through the worst of it after all.


πŸ€– Your Weekly "A.I. in Revenue" Breakdown

πŸ₯Ύ Left! Left! Left! Prompt-Left! β€” "A.I. Bootcamps" are quickly becoming a must-have for workers and companies alike, as both the tech and education sectors are evolving to meet those needs with stuff like "A.I. MBA"s . (Even well established, highly lauded programs like the MIT Sloan business school has updated its Β education online courses to include genAI).

🚨 Alert Your Creatives! β€” Google's generative AI for video, Videopoet, does look pretty incredible.

πŸ’β€β™€οΈ GenAI's Next Top Model β€” We also found this lovely (seemingly legitimately impartial) breakdown about what model suits what business purposes!


Strategy & Tactic News

πŸš€ The first step to greatness: Get a handle on your process!

Defining a tight sales process? Yeah... that's a foundational step for RevOps. And nobody argues why that is better than our friend (and maybe we're his friend by now too) Eddie Reynolds. According to his awesome post from a few days ago, without it, various aspects β€” like deal closures, sales pipeline reliability, marketing ROI, and metrics β€” will suffer significantly. And there's a perfectly great explanation why.


πŸŽ‰ How about just fun to end out the year?

In a post that really should've gotten more love (thank you, LI algo), RevOps guru Natalie Furness, asked her community what y'all think the #1 RevOps Trend of 2024 will be, but to give only wrong answers. (So clearly, nobody was foolish enough to say Rattle πŸ¦– Β πŸ’…). Now, we encourage you friends to jump in to the fray with your iconic dry-witty sense of humor. The comments there are already pretty hilarious, if you ask us. πŸ˜‰


A Good Read

πŸ€” Reddit content: At least 15% is corporate bots

File this one under S for "Seems %@#!ing low," but according to this reframed story (Medium membership required) revisiting research from years past, at least 15% of all of the content on Reddit is generated by corporate bots that are hellbent on manipulating public opinion. (As one commenter said, "And another 40% are government bots.") Given the pervasiveness of this phenomenon β€” particularly in light of improving gen A.I. β€” it does beg the question(s) of how long a website like Reddit can stay viable as they work to maintain consumer trust (that the people they're hearing "YTA" from are actually people).


The Ad Hoc

πŸ¦• We made up with the brontosaurus company

They may be slow. They may be lumbering. They may have terrible taste in food, possess the highest body-mass-to-brain ratio in the history of the world, and the smell? Did we even mention that? It's... ungodly.

Wait... what was I saying?

Oh yeah, we're getting along with the team at Commsor Β now. And there's even video evidence to boot.

And that's it for this whole year! Wow, has it been a wild one!

We'll be back in 2024, ready and rip-rarin' to roll to relieve our RevOps human friends take over the world! πŸ¦–πŸš€

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