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Passing the Remote Work Litmus Test: A Sales Transformation Story

Before COVID, Litmus’s sales team was based out of either their San Mateo or Boston offices...

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    Litmus is email testing software company to help marketers test their websites and email newsletters.
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    200+ employees

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    Raised $49M from Spectrum Equity


Before COVID, Litmus’s sales team was based out of either their San Mateo or Boston offices. Being under the same roof, it was a dynamic environment and reps would feed off of each other’s energy & activity. Post pandemic, their team started relying a lot on Slack & email to re-create the in-office environment and know what the rest of the team is doing.  

The first thing Shelli wanted to do was connect Salesforce & Slack and bring all key Salesforce events in Slack where the team can collaborate seamlessly. She looked at the available native integration and found it to be very basic. It didn’t let Litmus share full details, set filter conditions, or route messages dynamically in Slack. She decided it was not worth the time and effort.

Litmus also tried sending email alerts but that led to hundreds of emails in people’s inboxes that couldn’t be grouped or sorted. It quickly became cluttered & unmanageable to identify important emails - so they discarded this approach.

Now Shelli knew that Slack was the best medium and that she had to find a tool that would be more user-friendly, time-efficient, and scalable. So when she heard about Rattle, not only she could envision moving their existing processes to Rattle but also given how powerful & flexible the tool is, she had a lot of new ideas that would make the sales team more productive.

"I don’t think I’ve ever had a sales tool that was this easy to set up & roll out!"

How Rattle helped

Shelli rates her experience of using Rattle as A++. She loved how easy it was to set up alerts in Rattle & filter the records for each department, something that was unimaginable with the native integration.

With Rattle, she was able to easily route alerts to specific channels & managers and include emojis/GIFs, to make the experience more delightful. In-fact, Shelli quipped that since creating Rattle workflows is so seamless, it never felt like hard work.

When Shelli rolled out their first-ever Rattle alert, the team had such a positive reaction, that she and her team went on to create dozens of more such workflows! Having pre-built templates ready to go in the tool helped her be even more efficient.


The team currently has more than 30 workflows setup in Rattle. Some of their favorite ones are -

  1. Setting SLA on new leads - This has been a game-changer for Litmus. This constitutes two workflows, one which sends kudos if a new lead is responded to in <1 hour, and the other which highlights if a lead has not been followed-up in 24 hours. This has helped Litmus bring positive change in reps’ behavior and made them more productive by bringing new lead response time to less than an hour.
  2. Missing Campaign source - This workflow has helped the team achieve better hygiene in Salesforce. This workflow is triggered if the campaign source is missing for an opportunity when it’s created. This is important for Litmus to capture to analytically understand campaign performance. If the source is missing, Rattle will create a Group DM in Slack between the opp owner and a SalesOps team member. They can then update it right from Slack.
  3. Amount changes - In this workflow, an alert is triggered in a public BDR channel if the amount increases significantly on an opportunity a BDR hunted. This has been instrumental in boosting their morale and gives them credit for the hard work that they’ve put in sourcing a prospect that started with a small amount but has now led to a big deal.
  4. Lead visibility - This workflow triggers an alert in the SDR channel whenever a new lead is created or is moved to the next stage as a qualified lead. This has enabled the team to get visibility into the day-to-day work done by SDRs.
  5. Close date past due workflow - This workflow has reduced work for rep managers and the SalesOps team. Instead of them having to manually follow-up with reps every month, Rattle sends out automated reminders to AEs for the opportunities that have their close date in the past. They can then simply hit a button in Slack to make the edit and keep their pipeline up-to-date.
  6. Celebrating SDR wins - This workflow is triggered whenever an opportunity sourced by an SDR is marked as qualified by the AE and moves further in the pipeline. This is not only instrumental for SDRs to know the outcome of a lead they generated but also congratulates the SDR in a public channel.

"Rattle probably has had the highest ROI of any recent tools we have rolled out. The effort that we put in is very small compared to the value that we are getting."


✅ A++ overall experience
✅ Much better data hygiene
✅ Faster lead response time

Reduced manual work and increased productivity
With Rattle, the need for executives to follow-up with their team has gone down since they’ve set up Rattle alerts. After setting these alerts for a few months, the missing data issues have gone down considerably and have increased productivity for both reps and their managers.

Eased transition into remote working
Though the sales team was previously not used to working remotely, Rattle has helped them adapt to remote work. With Slack alerts, reps can manage their day-to-day work and their managers can get an idea of what’s happening in their team.

Enabling data-driven culture
Rattle has sparked creativity amongst other teams at Litmus and catalyzed data-driven culture at Litmus. From introducing new fields to capture more data to getting alerts for Marketo activity, Rattle has made Litmus more data-savvy than ever before.

"Rattle has become a verb at Litmus. It connects Salesforce & Slack and allows me to create any kind of workflow that I can imagine."

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