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How Olive Achieved 5x Visibility—Without Building a Lick of Apex Code

Kirsten Brenner leads Revenue Insights & Technology at Olive and is responsible for setting new technology processes and manage Salesforce at her company.

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    Olive develops an artificial intelligence workforce for the health care industry.
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    150+ employees

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    Vista Equity, Base10, Seqoia, Tiger Global Management


Kirsten Brenner leads Revenue Insights & Technology at Olive and is responsible for setting new technology processes and manage Salesforce at her company.

Before Kirsten started using Rattle, she had a custom Apex code that’d push reps’ meeting notes from Salesforce to Slack. Olive’s senior leadership loved getting those in Slack and would then collaborate with reps in Slack & make sure they had all the support they need to win the opportunity.

As Olive’s business evolved, Kirsten wanted to make the process better but faced these three key roadblocks -

  1. Making edits to the custom code was difficult and needed significant time investment
  2. There was a limit to objects that could be referenced and supported
  3. The number of fields that could be selected was limited

Hence, when Kirsten heard about Rattle she was excited to give it a try & see if it’ll address her concerns.

"Rattle has been a game-changer! I have not seen any other Salesforce/Slack integration tool that is so easy for the end-user."

How Rattle helped

In less than 5 minutes, Kirsten was able to roll out the new process that she had been wanting to introduce for months! Further, because Rattle is a no-code platform and allows easy customization, Kirsten realized that she could use Rattle to solve many more problems as against the one she had in mind initially.

Another positive thing that came out of using Rattle was once Olive’s leadership team realized that now they can get any Salesforce activity in Slack, they approached Kirsten with ideas they wanted to implement and she was able to accommodate their requests in minutes.

"I spent hours trying to find the best way to rebuild Apex code and Rattle allowed me to do it in 5 minutes."


Olive uses Rattle workflows and reports extensively to bring visibility to what’s happening with their sales & customer delivery teams and bring everyone on the same page. Some of the most useful workflows for them are -

  1. Sharing meeting notes - With this workflow, Olive’s executive team gets notified in Slack when a sales rep has a meeting with a customer & can learn how it went. This has been a game-changer for them as it allows the team to collaborate, brainstorm and provide support wherever needed.
  2. Project accountability - This is a favorite amongst Olive’s engineering managers. They receive daily and weekly reports from Rattle that helps them get visibility into every project that their team is working on. They can then initiate conversations with their teams to ensure everyone is aware of their weekly deliverables and can identify any red flags proactively.
  3. Account risk reporting - If Olive’s delivery team identifies a risk in a customer account, it’s logged in Salesforce and if it’s marked as urgent, it’d get immediately posted to an internal Slack channel. This is used by their executive team to track escalations within customer accounts and ensure that they can pitch in at the right time & create action plans together with the team to mitigate the risk.
  4. Expiring close dates & pipeline health - This is used to identify and update the opportunities that have their close date in the past. This is one of Kirsten’s favorite workflow since she doesn’t have to track or follow-up with the team for pipeline hygiene & it saves her time that she can use to focus on other tasks on her plate.

"It has been a very positive experience. Instead of working with Apex code, I can just click & drop, and everything just works! It’s super intuitive and easy to use."


✅  5x more visibility into what’s happening with sales and delivery teams
✅  1 working day saved every month in building new processes
✅  Slack is now the central hub for sales collaboration

Skyrocketed visibility
Implementing Rattle has led to a multi-fold visibility increase in terms of what’s happening within the sales pipeline with real-time alerts and reports. It has made it easier for their executive team to get involved and coach the team proactively.

Huge time savings
It’s now much easier and efficient for Kirsten to introduce new scalable processes with the desired customization at the fraction of time that she would previously invest in writing Apex code.

Sales team collaborates in Slack
Rattle has sparked camaraderie across the team to brainstorm together to address any customer issues/escalations and identify the best possible solution for the customer.

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