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Clear Skies: How Partnerstack Boosted Forecasting Accuracy by 30%

Brendan McDonald leads PartnerStack’s operations team. He and his team are responsible for their Salesforce instance and data reporting across the company.

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Brendan McDonald leads PartnerStack’s operations team. He and his team are responsible for their Salesforce instance and data reporting across the company.

Before Rattle, Brendan had already tried the native Salesforce/Slack integration and Zapier to connect Salesforce & Slack. His experience was subpar with both. Some of his biggest challenges were -

1. With the native Salesforce/Slack integration, it was complicated to set up & had limited functionality. So it didn’t let them do what they wanted.
2. With Zapier, it took too much time and steps to create every alert. Plus it would break often and needed regular updates to keep it working.
3. With both these tools, there was no impact on data hygiene since they were not bi-directional in nature.

So when Brendan came to know about Rattle, he saw it as a chance to save time for his team in building new alerts & improving data hygiene at the same time.

"For me, Rattle is the best slack integration in the world!"

How Rattle helped

With Rattle’s 1-click integrations and intuitive UI, it hardly took 5 minutes for Brendan to get up & running. So right off the bat, he was able to see how much more efficient his team can be using Rattle.

Not only was it much easier to use, but Rattle was also way more powerful than anything else he had used before. He was able to set up complex trigger conditions in seconds and route alerts to any channel or individual in Slack. Plus since Rattle alerts are bi-directional, the recipient of the alert can update Salesforce right from Slack. This had a profound impact on their data hygiene since it became pretty easy for sales reps to keep data up-to-date.

With all these gains, PartnerStack entirely replaced Zapier and Rattle became the central repository of all their Slack alerts from Salesforce.

"We replaced Zapier overnight! It is that much better!"


Here are some workflows that are widely used & loved across PartnerStack-

  1. Inbound lead routing - This is one of Brendan’s favorite workflows that, along with a lead management solution, has reduced their lead response time by half. Anytime a new inbound lead is created, this workflow will tag the person in Slack and they’ll know to address it right away. And if they want to update the contact, change the owner or update the status, they can do so straight out of Slack.
  2. Close date in the past - This has been helpful for data hygiene. In this workflow, a reminder is triggered if the close date is in past. Using the action buttons, opportunity owners are able to push the close date to the next month or the next quarter with a simple click.
  3. Lost opportunities - PartnerStack has created a #closed-lost channel that has people from across departments in it. A Rattle workflow will post a message in this channel whenever an opp is moved to closed lost along with the lost reason. This lets the team collaborate and find patterns that might help better the product or sales process.
  4. Won opportunities - This is one of the most popular workflows across users. It posts won opportunities along with win stories in a company-wide channel. This provides a great chance for the entire company to come together to celebrate wins and for reps to show their appreciation for folks who helped them close the deal.

"With Rattle, we are easily 30% more accurate with our forecasting since it flags data hygiene issues as soon as they happen and lets our team fix them in seconds from Slack. We can’t go back to the way we used to work before!"


✅ Forecasting accuracy went up by 30%
✅ SalesOps team saves at least 15 hours every month
✅ Took 5 minutes to get started & no learning curve

More accurate forecasting
With Rattle, PartnerStack’s data hygiene has gone up by 30% which had a direct impact on their capability to accurately forecast. Previously they were sending multiple follow-ups to get reps to update data in Salesforce, which made forecast reports unreliable. With Rattle, reps are able to update data easily which has led to reduced date hygiene issues and in turn, improved forecasting.

Huge time savings
For the operations team specifically, time savings has been one of the biggest advantages of Rattle. They no longer have to spend a lot of time setting up or maintaining any of their workflows. The ease of use and no-code functionality have made Rattle a clear winner amongst the integrations that they’ve used in the past.

Higher visibility
Rattle helps PartnerStack have more visibility into what’s happening in the sales department. Be it through celebrating wins, understanding the reason for lost deals, or notifying reps regarding inbound leads, Rattle has acted as a catalyst in bringing everyone on the same page and makes Slack the collaboration hub for all their sales activity.

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