Scaling your people, your processes, and your technology is a problem familiar to most every company. As Ogury experienced these pressures, they noticed major challenges on the level of visibility for business-critical data and their ability to align and streamline information across a complex, global organization. 

Ben Godwin, a Salesforce administrator at Ogury, led the team and was responsible for managing the company's business processes through Salesforce. One of the key challenges, as Ben put it, was that his team faced a lack of visibility, particularly into important business updates and notifications, which were primarily communicated through email. 

“I'd say that alignment and collaboration are one of the biggest challenges that pushed us to drive more notifications through Slack,” explained Ben. “Email has a certain implied importance around it that doesn't quite comport with the bite-sized nature of SFDC notifications.”

To put it another way: instead of the classic "This meeting could've been an email!" Ogury was experiencing a deeper pain: "This email could've been a Slack!" 

So while their team was suffering from severe prioritization anxiety, Ben and his team needed to be aware of, and collaborate on, both "very important" emails and more tactical Salesforce-based notifications.

The A-ha! Moment: Perhaps there was a way to get the best of both worlds. To keep the big stuff in email, and the day-to-day in Slack...

How Rattle helps

"When I first joined the company, Rattle was being used for sales notifications, pushing information to sales,” Ben said.

The sales team immediately saw an impact there, he said, so the potential for Rattle to be used for more than notifications was evident. Eventually, Ben brought more stakeholders on board, showing them the value that Rattle could provide over less dynamic forms of communication.

Immediately, Ogury was able to see ROI from using the Rattle platform and has consistently expanded into more and more usage since. 

Success in CS
Rattle then helped Ogury's customer success team to meet their internal service-level agreement (SLA) to enter an invoiceable amount within five days of a campaign ending.
The implementation of Rattle  enabled the CS team to save time and focus on other tasks, resulting in a higher success rate for meeting the SLA. "Our CS director came back to me... and said, 'My whole team loves Rattle now.'”

Easier Buy-In
"One of the biggest things that Rattle helps with is actually when we’ve gone to show people what it's like," said Ben. "They are much more open to the idea. And I think that is a credit to the tool … the design elements that I can include as an administrator on there via the very intuitive UI."

Total Workflows

Estimated 10-15 — Including Meeting DM and Moment In Time


Benefits that Ben's team gets from using Rattle:

  1. Improved collaboration and alignment among teams by bringing all relevant parties into deal rooms and syncing them up.
  2. Streamlined data entry and forecasting by using Rattle's "view in board" function to quickly update numbers and make the process easier for sellers.
  3. Increased visibility into data and trends, which helps the team make more informed decisions and be more agile in responding to changes in the market
  4. Improvements in the clarity and accuracy of data as well as positive feedback from users who appreciate the simplicity and efficiency of the tool

"Rattle's strength is the fact that the UI is so intuitive and quick that it allows you to manage a lot of different things in one place" — Ben Godwin, Salesforce Admin at Ogury

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