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Time is Money: Mezmo's Trick for Saving Ops 4 Hrs/Week

Jeff Ronaldi, Business Systems & GTM Operations Manager at Mezmo, is a firm believer that Slack can streamline Salesforce communication and supercharge rep productivity.

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    Mezmo is a cloud-based telemetry data pipeline that enables application owners to enrich, control, and correlate critical business data across domains.
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    100+ employees

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    Raised $65.4M from Emergence & Initialized Capital


Jeff Ronaldi, Business Systems & GTM Operations Manager at Mezmo (formerly LogDNA), is a firm believer that Slack can streamline Salesforce communication and supercharge rep productivity.

To connect Salesforce with Slack, Jeff had tried a plethora of tools including Zapier & the native Salesforce Slack integration. Across all these tools, he consistently faced the following challenges -

1. They were complex to setup
2. Alerts were inconsistent and the connectors needed constant maintenance
3. Building complex use-cases was not possible

"Within a day, I was able to move our most critical processes from different automation tools to Rattle!"

How Rattle helped

Jeff was looking for a partner that was as enthused about speed as he was when it came to rolling out & managing sales processes. This search led him to Rattle.

In the beginning, Jeff just moved Mezmo's approval process to Rattle and couldn’t believe how easy it was to get started. Within a day, he and his team were relying 100% on their rattle alerts to collaborate and manage quotes directly from within Slack.

They quickly expanded their use-cases and moved everything including handoffs, pipeline alerts, NPS alerts, etc. to Rattle.

"For the first time, we are not saying ‘oh this is not working’ or ‘this is broken’. With Rattle, we are brainstorming and saying ‘what else can we do."


Here are Jeff’s favorite rattles -

  1. The Approval process - The approver gets notified in Slack when she gets a new quote along with details of the corresponding opportunity and she simply presses a button to accept/reject and share her comments. The communication that previously took days happens in minutes now.
  2. NPS alerts - Mezmo made their Pendo NPS alerts actionable by notifying the account owner & CSM in Slack when one of their assigned accounts submits an NPS survey. They then look at the response and add the person to an Outreach sequence (using Rattle’s Outreach integration) depending on the NPS score. They are able to do all of this in less than a minute, all from Slack.
  3. Opportunity health alerts - As soon as a renewal opportunity is moved to an at-risk state by the customer success team, a rattle notifies the right group of people & adds them to a group so they can collaborate immediately & take necessary steps. This rattle works great to elicit conversations proactively and helps in reducing churn.
  4. Handoff - As soon as an opportunity is won, this rattle initiates a hand-off between AEs and CSMs by putting them in a group DM. This ensures full context is transferred & nothing slips through the cracks. This has helped Mezmo deliver an exceptional customer experience.

"Something that has changed after Rattle is that it elicits conversations amongst different teams other than sales. And we have also caught things that probably would have fallen through the cracks & resulted in a negative customer experience."


✅ Lead response time decreased by 75% (from 1 hour to 15 minutes)
✅ Approval processes used to take days. Now everything happens in minutes
✅ NPS SLA went down from 24 hours to 1 hour
✅ GTM Ops team saves 16 hours/month

Efficient and faster roll-out of new processes
Rattle has acted as a catalyst in supercharging decision-making across teams. Every stakeholder has the required information available at their fingertips and is able to act on this in minutes, something that took days previously.

The quality of team interactions has gone up
Rattle saves the GTM Ops team approximately 4 hours/week. They can now roll out new processes in minutes and don’t have to worry about spending time maintaining the system or tracking down issues.

Simple but powerful communication channel
With Rattle, SDRs are notified of inbound leads in real-time and can easily add them to the appropriate Outreach sequence in seconds. As a result of this, their average lead response time has gone down from 1 hour to just 15 minutes, a 75% reduction!

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