Fetch the right data when you need

Just “/” a command in Slack and get any information that you need.

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Top sales teams love Rattle


Fetch any record

Never miss any pivotal data during any conversations and fetch any record in real-time by just typing its name in Slack.

Edit Salesforce fields

Do not wait for an activity in Salesforce to make edits to your records. Be proactive, and manage any record as quickly as you want to.

Create new records

Without logging into Salesforce, create any record for a standard or a custom object while sitting in Slack.

How it works.

Get to your ROI goals faster. Increase performance with less effort. Make your CRM adapt to your human workflows.


Search for any record in Salesforce



Create the records on the fly while in Slack, and Rattle pushes these in Salesforce.



Plan your message around the key details — give your team enough info to act on.



Update any field of your record while accessing these in Slack.



Add any task or event on top of your record while sitting in Slack.


Three reasons you’ll love using Rattle:


100% customized experience

Rattle makes sure that you don't have to use one-fit approach, and can customize everything as per your audience.


Super-simple user interface

Rattle gives you the easiest interface to work with - you will NEVER want to go back to good ole CRM.


No change management

With Rattle, you do not have to worry about change management - adaption of processes is as simple as creating it.

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 Shelli Welch

“Rattle allows me to create any kind of workflow that I can imagine and probably has had the highest ROI of any recent tools we have rolled out. The effort that we put in is very small compared to the value that we are getting.”

Shelli Welch
Team Lead, Sales Operations

Get more headspace back in your day with Rattle.

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