Motivate your team to achieve shared goals through the (not-so) subtle art of pitting them against each other.


Leverage the power of the competitive spirit

Send shared goals and/or friendly stack ranks as images to a Slack or Teams channel.

Top sales teams love rattle

Gamify the goal

Call blitz? Weekly opp creation? Move your metrics by — gasp — making them fun to do. Leaderboard fuels motivation and drives healthy competition among team members.

Gamify the goal


Leaderboard’s competition setting gets team members vying against each other without a defined end goal so the only thing stopping them is their own drive to win. Rawr.

Share success

Keep it positive and foster collaborative achievements with shared goals, uniting your sellers in pursuit of common targets, like some sort of "team."

Share success

Feature highlights

Illustration of waves
Customizable competitions or shared goals
Illustration depicting ease of use
Guidelines to reinforce desired actions
Illustration depicting speed
Channel updates on goal progress or competition leaders

“This product without question is the best I’ve ever seen in terms of how sales reps interact.”

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Three reasons you'll love using Rattle

Illustration depicting ease of use

No change management

Every tool is built to drop into the way you work now and start improving your results ASAP.

Illustration depicting automation

No coding – ever

Not even the teensiest bit of technical acumen is required to integrate and deploy any of our tools.

Illustration depicting collaboration

No flying solo

If you’ve got a goal, we’ve probably already got a solution waiting for you in The Playbook.

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Get your entire revenue team operating flawlessly through the power, speed, and consistency of Process Automation.

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