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From Chaos to Continuity: How Terminus Overcame a Disconnected Sales Process

Frustrated with the endless cycle of updating slides and docs for GTM processes? Kevin Heraly from Terminus was, too — until Atlas stepped in.

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A familiar pain

Google Docs. Spreadsheets. Slide decks. 

It’s slow. It’s gross. It’s disjointed. 

But it’s the status quo for how many RevOps teams document their GTM processes. 

And, it’s how ABM platform Terminus was doing it – at least until Sr. Director of Revenue Operations Kevin Heraly came along.

“Documentation being static is very, very challenging,” said Kevin. “Anytime you make an update involving Salesforce, you have to remember, ‘Oh, yeah, we have to have it documented. Here's this deck. Now I need to go update this slide.’” 

He knew there had to be a better way – one that wasn’t so time-consuming and unorganized.

And wouldn’t you know it? Along came Atlas, the process visualization tool custom-built for RevOps.

An “Aha!” moment 

For Kevin, it was love at first sight: Atlas brought everything together – integrating with Salesforce, automating Slack notifications, and ensuring the team was working together. The ability to connect the dots across various processes was exactly what Terminus needed.  

“You can have a deck or a doc of your inbound lead qualification process or your sales motion, but if that’s all it is, it’s just a silo,” he explained. “You don’t have the ability to carry a thread all the way through.”

Pre-Atlas, Terminus' processes were scattered across different platforms like Highspot and Confluence, making it hard to see the big picture. Post-Atlas, though, Kevin saw a transformation. “Atlas has really provided a great overview and the ability to see end to end how all those processes really mesh.”

An unexpected insight

With Atlas, Terminus also discovered the potential of Rattle’s Deal Rooms. Kevin was initially unsure about integrating Deal Rooms into their process, but Atlas made the benefits clear. 

“Before Atlas, it was like, if I wanna do this, I've gotta get a piece of paper or a Google Doc or something to visualize it to make sure I'm not doing too much,” he said. “With Atlas, it became very apparent very quickly how Deal Rooms fit in and how we could start to get value from that.”

And Deal Rooms was a game-changer, Kevin said.

“Previously, we were just sending a notification to the ADR and AE when a new opp was created, but we were losing all the valuable insights down the road because communications weren’t confined to a dedicated channel.”

Soon, Deal Rooms became an integral part of Terminus' sales process, streamlining communications and making Slack less noisy. 

Kevin highlighted the impact: “Deal Rooms is such a good solution. It’s the glue that ties everything in our sales process together and gives it a place to live.”

A partner in process 

It wasn’t just Kevin’s solo effort that brought about these changes. He emphasized the importance of involving different stakeholders in the process. 

“I don't just go and build notifications and build things that are gonna blow up your Slack on my own. I want to involve different people because there’s a lot of value in that,” he said. 

This inclusive approach not only facilitated smoother adoption but also fostered a more collaborative atmosphere between RevOps and the field.

Process Automation removes Operations as the bad guy or micromanager. Before Rattle, reps were like, ‘Why is Kevin telling me to update the forecast or next steps? He’s not my boss.’ Having these automated notifications removes friction between teams.”

An encouraging word

Reflecting on his journey so far, Kevin’s fondness for Atlas is palpable. 

“Atlas is really helping me visualize and understand all the potential milestones and touch points throughout somebody's journey,” he shared, highlighting the tool’s impact on their operations.

For those hesitating to embark on a similar path, he has straightforward, encouraging advice: "Don’t be. Have a ten-minute phone call and a 15-minute demo, and I think you're gonna understand it right away."

Couldn’t have said that better ourselves.

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