2020 marked a drastic change in the way companies operate and Terminus was no different. In a remote world, the task of building & enforcing new processes for the sales team was challenging for Kramer Proud, their GTM RevOps Manager, and the existing communication channels were not as productive & efficient.

He realized that they need to revamp their communication style in its entirety and adapt to the new normal for maintaining the quality of work across the team. The search for the ideal communication channel led him to Rattle.

Unlike emails, Rattle made the communication much more streamlined, direct, and fast. And the adoption of the tool has been so successful that Terminus keeps on expanding the list of things they want to create in Rattle.

"Rattle has been the most simple product to use and get off the ground. The technology is top-notch and the simplicity behind the UI is amazing"

How Rattle helped

Kramer rates his overall experience with Rattle as phenomenal! The simplicity of using the tool, getting it off the ground & the powerful technology have all led to a very successful deployment. One major win factor for Kramer has been that, unlike other ops tools, Rattle required minimal time commitment when it came to implementation. In fact, the adoption of the tool was so seamless across the team that there has been a constant influx of ideas since they rolled out their first rattle!

Now, Rattle has become the go-to communication channel across the company that is fast and reliable. The team loves it & gets the most critical information at their fingertips that helps them increase daily productivity.

"We are finding use case after use case for Rattle to help us solve our business problems."


Kramer uses Rattle extensively to create alerts for opportunity owners as well as for the operations team to audit the information that flows across the system and identify meaningful trends. His favorites are -

  1. Intent alerts - With this workflow, account owners are able to stay on top of high-value leads based on intent scores from Terminus’ own platform along with G2 and Bombora. These alerts ensure that account owners are notified about in-market prospects in real-time & allows them to reach out proactively.
  2. Process reinforcement - Whenever an opportunity moves from one stage to another, reps are alerted about critical fields that are missing and they can input that information in seconds directly from Slack, without switching tabs & logging into Salesforce
  3. Change in net ARR - Any opportunity that is up for renewal and whose net ARR has decreased is identified with this alert. This information is posted in a shared slack channel that helps the team brainstorm the next steps accordingly.
  4. Collaboration with the deal desk team - This workflow has helped the operations team collaborate with the deal desk team whenever an opportunity reaches the proposal stage. This timely collaboration ensures that teams have relevant resources to win deals.

"This product without question is the best I’ve ever seen in terms of how sales reps interact. They are more informed when they have any conversation or meeting because they’ve been alerted in Rattle."


✅ Massive time savings for the Operations team in rolling out new processes
✅ Increased productivity of team meetings
✅ Fast and reliable communication channel

Efficient and faster roll-out of new processes
Rattle’s intuitive UI and its powerful technology have been game-changing for the operations team! They can now roll out new processes quickly that are seamlessly adopted by the sales team - resulting in an overall productivity increase for the entire revenue team.

The quality of team interactions has gone up
Due to timely access to crucial information, the quality of conversations in team-wide meetings has seen a step-change! Rattle ensures that no important information ever slips through the cracks.

Simple but powerful communication channel
In a post-COVID world, Terminus envisioned a communication channel that was fast and reliable to keep sales teams in the loop of what’s happening and Rattle is exactly that. They use it to disperse information in an easy and timely manner.

"The feeling of being able to interact with people, the way it used to happen in offices in pre-COVID times - I am able to give that to people with Rattle. It has simply re-established the feeling of connection, which is extremely important."

Get more headspace back in your day with Rattle.

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