Collaborate with reports in Slack

Let your team get Salesforce reports in Slack, and collaborate around critical insights.

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Top sales teams love Rattle


Fetch any report

Remove guesswork out of sales decisions, with easy access to data from any report in Salesforce.

Do just-in-time drill-down

Rattle brings the right data at every step of your decision making. With the drill-down functionality of reports, never make a decision with half-baked information.

Schedule reports

Help team schedule every report as a Slack alert at a time that works the best for them.

How it works.

Get to your ROI goals faster. Increase performance with less effort. Make your CRM adapt to your human workflows.


Select any Salesforce report - can be any tabular or summary report.



Select the metrics that you want to show in a report.



Route your reports via Slack group DM, 1:1 communications, or a channel.



Define frequency & work hours and be respectful of everyone's time.



Send out sample message to ensure everything looks good, before a wider roll-out.


Three reasons you’ll love using Rattle:


100% customized experience

Rattle makes sure that you don't have to use one-fit approach, and can customize everything as per your audience.


Super-simple user interface

Rattle gives you the easiest interface to work with - you will NEVER want to go back to good ole CRM.


No change management

With Rattle, you do not have to worry about change management - adaption of processes is as simple as creating it.

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Kramer Proud

“This product without question is the best I’ve ever seen in terms of how sales reps interact. They are more informed when they have any conversation or meeting because they’ve been alerted in Rattle”

Kramer Proud
Revenue Operations Manager

Get more headspace back in your day with Rattle.

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