The State of RevOps Redux

Increasing economic pressures... Tool selection anxiety... Murky paths ahead... 100 RevOps leaders offered an unprecedented window into their lives by answering a rigorous, 27-question survey.

And then, we talked about it.

Watch Rattle’s founder/CEO, alongside three industry veterans, discuss the report, and weigh in on the trends and issues affecting RevOps leaders today.

Jeremy Donovan
Diana Green
Rosalyn Santa Elena
Sahil Aggarwal
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  • Jeremy Donovan

    Jeremey Donovan

    EVP, RevOps & Strategy, Insight Partners

    Jeremey is EVP, RevOps & Strategy at Insight Partners, where his team supports scaling portfolio companies. Over 25+ years,  his career has spanned roles at Xilinx, Gartner, AMA, GLG, CB Insights, and Salesloft. He's authored five books, including bestseller How to Deliver a TED Talk.

  • Diana Green

    Diana Green

    VP, Revenue Operations, SentinelOne

    Diana has worked for 20+ years in consulting, GTM strategies, and sales operations processes and systems. Currently, she serves as a Vice President, Revenue Operations at SentinelOne, a publicly-traded cybersecurity company with a global GTM presence.

  • Rosalyn Santa Elena

    Rosalyn Santa Elena

    Founder & CROO, The RevOps Collective

    Rosalyn is the Founder and Chief Revenue Operations Officer of The RevOps Collective. She's also a startup advisors, a leader in Ops communities, and hosts The Revenue Engine Podcast. Her background includes leadership roles at Carabiner Group, Clari, DataStax, and Neo4j.

  • Sahil Aggarwal

    Sahil Aggarwal

    Founder & CEO, Rattle

    A serial entrepreneur, Sahil is the Co-founder and CEO of Rattle. Prior to building Rattle, he co-founded Leadworx — a tool to help marketers identify anonymous users coming to their website — and WinTerrain, a premium product development company for early-stage startups.

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