Artificial Intelligence

It's a RevOps Ren-A.I.-ssance

Effortlessly maintain a cleaner pipeline with the power of the robots. Rattle's A.I. rapidly extracts insights from sales calls, then helps your humans quickly validate data entry for unparalleled speed and accuracy, turning those time-sucking bouts of post-call chaos into a single click.

Artificial Intelligence

2-3 minutes

Time to review call summaries

“Meeting Intelligence gives us the ability to synthesize and summarize what normally takes 60 minutes down to maybe 2-3 minutes of reading.”

David Ma
Head of GTM Ops & Strategy

From efficiency to excellence

Rattle's A.I. takes you beyond efficiency, adding a layer of intelligence that makes every move more intentional.

No more busywork

Automate away the lesser tasks so your team can focus on the actions that actually turn prospects into customers.

Human-approved data

Don't let hallucinations and misheard errors taint your data — we ensure accuracy with one-click.

Custom extraction

Gather only the most relevant insights with targeted, custom data collection, based on what your team needs at any given time in the sales funnel.

Your A.I.-powered product suite

With Rattle’s A.I., you're not just automating tasks—you're transforming your entire revenue operation. Maximize your time, minimize errors, and quickly escalate deeper insights that make every call count. 

Meeting Intelligence

Meeting Intelligence

Rattle's A.I.-powered Meeting Intelligence automates note-taking from Gong, Chorus, and Zoom, and provides real-time summaries, next steps, and custom coaching cues to make every call a win.

Automatic CRM Data Entry

After a call, this A.I. scans call transcripts and quickly suggests Salesforce updates in a handy brief. You get the final say with a one-click approval in Slack or Teams — clean data, no hallucinations.

Automatic CRM Data Entry
A.I. Workflow Builder

A.I. Workflow Builder

Need to ID a champion or escalate technical issues at different stages of the funnel? We've gotchu. Use our A.I. Workflow Builder to write custom prompts that fire at different stages and get the right info at the right time to the right people.

Meet the first-ever modern RevOps platform

Get your entire revenue team operating flawlessly through the power, speed, and consistency of Process Automation.

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