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The 8 Best Ways to Use Slack & Salesforce

January 17, 2023
The 8 Best Ways to Use Slack & Salesforce

What is Rattle?

Rattle is a no-code, bi-directional Salesforce and Slack integration tool. We bring your CRM right into the digital workspace hub and allow automation for much of your sales pipeline communication.

With Rattle, you can create custom workflows that trigger alerts for various Salesforce events, such as a lead moving to a new pipeline stage or a customer renewal coming up. These alerts pop up in your designated Slack channel, group chat, or 1:1 conversation, making it easy for your revenue team to stay aligned and keep deals moving. 

Even better, Rattle can be set up with just one click, so you won’t need the assistance of a team of IT experts to tell you how to use it. Instead, you can be integrated and ready to go in just a few minutes. 

8 Useful Ways to Utilize Rattle’s Slack and Salesforce Integration

Rattle's deep integration with Slack and Salesforce has inspired some interesting insights into the ways customers use the tools together. Here's a list of some of the top Slack to Salesforce integration capabilities for revenue teams and other key employees.

#1: Send Reports From Salesforce to Slack

With Rattle, you can select any Salesforce report and send it to a Slack group, 1:1 message, or specified channel. In Salesforce, you can define which metrics you want to send in your report alert and when you want to send it. You can even send a sample message to make sure everything looks the way you want before it goes out to a wider audience. 

#2: Log Calls from Slack to Salesforce

Rattle makes it easy to log and manage notes from every call. For example, with just one click, a sales rep can pull up a call log, input all the data from the call, and update the Salesforce record, all without leaving Slack.  

Capture every customer engagement and increase team productivity

#3: Closed Won Alerts

Closed deals are always worth celebrating, and with Rattle, you can build an alert that automatically notifies your team in real-time of each new client. You can specify that it goes to just your Sales Manager, your full Sales team, or heck, scream it from the rooftops and put it in the general update channel for everyone to see! 

This feature is especially useful for remote teams who want to celebrate wins while not being in the same office.

#4: Demo or Appointment Setting Alerts

Enable your Account Executive to quickly prep for new demos, discovery calls or other appointment opportunities with custom alerts. With Rattle, take all your Sales Development Rep’s notes and data to create an alert with all the relevant client information so their team can be ready to wow the prospect from the moment they pick up the call. 

#5: New Lead Alerts

Once you receive a new lead, the clock starts ticking to engage with them and close the deal. Of course, everyone knows the faster you can respond, the more likely you are to close, so imagine being able to immediately ping your Sales or Account rep with a new inbound lead. When they receive the alert, they’ll also receive all the relevant information they need to start the sales process. 

#6: Notify Sales Reps When Deal Data is Missing or Has Gone Stale

Nothing can bleed your bottom line like potential deals that go missing from the sales pipeline. You can prevent this by setting custom Slack notification reminders that alert the appropriate team members when a client has been sitting too long in a specific stage of the pipeline without status change or missing critical information for several days. 

This takes the pressure off of your team of management professionals to constantly track where clients are in the pipeline and focus on supporting the sales staff to win their deals. 

#7: Fetch and Update Account Data from Slack

Need to quickly access relevant client information before a meeting or want to check up on their current status? With a Slack/Salesforce integration, you can pull the relevant record right from Slack and get the most critical information up front. You can also add buttons to the alert to make notes on the record or pull the full record up in Salesforce if needed. 

#8: Get Deal Approvals

Deal approvals are critical for good due diligence, but they can also hold up the process if they get lost in an email inbox. Being able to send alerts directly from Salesforce to Slack asking for approvals for priority deals can speed up the process and get the information in front of the right people at the right time, so everything can keep moving. 

Don’t Stop There

The best thing about using Rattle to integrate Slack and Salesforce is its fast, easy customization. You can design alerts that fit the needs of your team, from what data they contain to when they’re sent (Rattle allows you to set your working hours, so no one gets annoying 3 AM alerts). 

Explore more of what you can do with Rattle by booking a demo today, so our team can show you how to solve your unique pain points.

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