How to (Finally) Get Sales Reps to Update Salesforce

Chris Black
January 17, 2023
How to (Finally) Get Sales Reps to Update Salesforce

This question has plagued sales operations and managers for what feels like eons, and many (likely including you) know that it needs to be answered to effectively hit their KPIs. 

Let’s first dive into the real problems keeping your salespeople off of Salesforce in the first place.  

The problem: Salesforce Takes Too Much Time

So why does getting your reps to update Salesforce regularly feel like pushing a boulder uphill? Well, honestly, it’s because most Salesforce best practices simply require too many steps. 

If your reps are doing their jobs, they’re constantly chasing down leads, juggling client meetings, and closing deals. Which, on the one hand, is great; it means that one end of the pipeline is moving along quickly. 

But Salesforce doesn’t move with your reps; it waits for them to stop, login, and input the data client-by-client. You also have to follow certain steps to ensure that data is logged properly, and double-check that all relevant fields are filled in. Data entry should not be a top sales activity and takes time away from lead follow-up.

All of this pulls your reps away from selling and forces them to do detailed admin tasks. Let’s face it though, they’d probably rather make a dozen cold calls than type away every day. 

Salesforce does offer some internal automation, but it takes a lot of time and intimate Salesforce knowledge to set up successfully. This yet again requires someone (we’re looking at you Ops…) to burn precious hours on technical work instead of managing clients and reps. 

So, if the current systems we have don’t work, what other options are out there? 

The Solution: Make Salesforce Work With You, Not Against You

What if Salesforce could take a more active role in your workflow? We’re talking about giving Salesforce the ability to understand when information might be needed and proactively “nudge” your reps to take action and input data without making them manually sort through reports all day? 

Well, with Rattle, now it can. 

Rattle is intelligent automation for Salesforce that gives reps the ability to update their records right inside of Slack, our other tech stack must-have. Sales Managers can build custom workflows that give Sales Reps actionable Slack alerts for all kinds of significant events in the sales cycle, such as:

We built Rattle so that sales teams never have to break their stride throughout the workday while still collecting valuable Salesforce data that helps managers and other stakeholders gain insight into what’s happening in the sales pipeline. 

The best part is that Rattle is bi-directional, allowing you to push alerts from the Salesforce platform to Slack and allowing your reps to make updates to their Salesforce records right from Slack. 

So how does it work? 

Once you sign up with Rattle, all you have to do is head to the dashboard and create a new workflow. From there, Simply select the data you want to trigger your alert on (which object and what fields), what information you want to include in the Slack message and if or what action items the alert will contain, directly informing the message recipient of what actions they should take with the record . 

For example, suppose you want to send an alert directly to a sales rep every time they’re assigned a new lead in Salesforce. In that case, you can create an alert that triggers when a record is assigned to a rep and tell it to route the alert directly to a 1:1 conversation in Slack. 

You can then design the alert to contain the name, contact information, and relevant notes about the client pulled directly from each Salesforce record. And boom, that’s it; every time you assign a lead to a rep, they’ll get an alert, allowing them to follow up within that crucial first-hour window. 

As we mentioned before, you can also add actions to these alerts that allow you to do things like approve or reject a discount request, update missing MEDDIC fields, or add call notes after a scheduled call.

This is a whole new way to design your sales processes. With Rattle, Salesforce becomes more like a member of your team instead of a constant roadblock, and fast, easy-to-use alerts give your reps way fewer excuses for not keeping their records up to date. 

Don’t believe us? Here’s what some of our Rattle users have to say:

“Rattle makes it easy to notify our sales team when they have an action to take and provides them a super intuitive way to make updates where they're already spending time - Slack. 

My team was thrilled when we told them that they could make the pesky close date or stage updates right from a Slack alert. Showing my sales team the information that is important at the right moment has improved our forecasting and Salesforce hygiene significantly.” 

Joseph H., Revenue Operations Manager

“Rattle helps our sales team stay on top of their pipeline. Rattle Workflows allows us to create triggers to notify our AE team when they need to take action on Opportunities or Accounts. The tool is super flexible, allowing you to essentially make updates to any field you might have in your Salesforce instance directly in Slack.” 

Alexander D., Sales Operations

“Being able to take call notes directly in Slack and have them immediately update in Salesforce is a game changer for my team. We're easily saving 30 minutes a day per rep!” 

- Joey W., Director of Outbound Sales

The real magic of Rattle is in its simplicity. It’s as easy to set up as it is to use, and that’s what makes it truly effective at finally improving your team’s commitment to good data hygiene. Go here to book a demo today.

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