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The Chase is Over: Abnormal Security’s Quest to Cleaner Data

Tired of chasing down reps for data, updates, and ETAs? So was Mark. Hear how he used Rattle's Board and Digest features to improve data hygiene — without any extra cardio.

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Whew, the chase is finally over

When you signed on for RevOps, you probably didn’t think it would require this much cardio, did ya?

Chasing down updates. Chasing down different hygiene issues. Chasing down people. Out of breath yet?

Mark Gremban, Director of Sales Ops at Abnormal Security, not only found this exhausting — and incredibly time consuming — it also made him feel super overwhelmed. 

When you're forced to chase things down, you’ll always feel five steps behind. Not a fun place to be every day. 

That’s why he knocked on Rattle’s door: “Rattle just took that worry away and automated that whole process, that follow-up.”

And did the automated follow-ups work? If you’re a data nerd (and as RevOps, aren’t we all), then you’ll love to hear this:

“We’re capturing [data] more often and we're getting more accurate information from the fields… I can tell you our meeting notes increased significantly. And now it's incredibly rare that an opportunity is missing a next step or that next step is out of date. We just make it so easy that the AE doesn't have a choice.”

Down with data? Find out what Mark used to get Abnormal Security’s hygiene back on track.

The 🔑 to data hygiene? Making the process easy

Spoiler alert: Updating Salesforce isn’t your reps favorite part of the job. The platform is clunky, it’s incredibly manual, and it takes them away from what they enjoy doing: selling. 

But, most of them are well-intentioned and know it’s important for the company’s success. It’s not that they don’t want to do it — they just don’t like how tedious the process is.  

Mark is all too familiar with this situation. He knows his reps “want to do the right thing” but doin’ the thing needed to get easier: “I’m always trying to make things easier for them, to make them more productive, more efficient, to help them succeed.”

So when he heard Rattle released two new features, Board and Digest, to help revenue teams address hygiene issues, he was definitely on board.

Board: your reps’ new work bestie

Here’s the lowdown: Board is a Rattle tool that allows your reps to review, manage, and update their data admin tasks in one place.

Before, updating SFDC had lots of tabs, hunting, and forgetting. Now, your reps get customizable views and one-click edits.

You may be thinking, “the consolidated view and one-click edits are great, but do I still need to chase them down to hop into the tool?”

Heck no! That’s why we created Digest.

Digest: Your data collector

With Digest, you can send out one concise alert to cover each rep’s action items — which SFDC fields are missing or need to be updated. 

Automated follow-ups, as Mark described.

Together, Digest and Board have made it easier for Abnormal Security to keep crucial data complete and updated, including:

  • Next steps
  • Meeting notes
  • MEDDIC criteria
  • Technical details

Let’s say one of your reps needed to clean up ALL of those fields? (Yikes.) You don’t have to send 10 separate alerts. You can just send one alert with 10 action items, which is exactly what Mark was looking for. He wanted to drive signals, not noise, to his reps.

He shares, “So that's why Board's been really successful for us…it’s that Digest alert that the AEs can go to see the list of things that they need to make updates to. They know exactly what needs to get done and they can just start checking through it.”

And like we said, it’s all automated. That’s a lot of time saved. So much so, that if we took Rattle away from Mark, he said he’d have to hire several more people to help him with the manual chase down.

How’s that for ROI? 😎

From fixing hygiene to rolling out new strategies

With Board and Digest, Mark made updating Salesforce easier for his reps, so they had more time to do what they love: sell. 

It also gave the Sales Ops team time to do what they love: strategize and make an impact.

And we’ve got a tool for that, too. 

Rattle’s newest tool, Atlas, allows you to take a step back and visualize your entire revenue process, uncover blind spots, identify gaps or opportunities, and fix them right then and there.

At Abnormal Security, Mark loves the birds-eye view it provides. It helps him spot gaps, but also areas of opportunity—like when to push hygiene enablement:

“Atlas allows me to visualize all of the workflows that I have set up in Rattle and ensure that I don't have any gaps in my process, that I am hitting the sales reps when I should be hitting them with hygiene enablement and to ensure that I have all my bases covered through the sales process.”

It’s also been great for collaborating with his Sales Ops team and rolling out new processes. Recently, one of the masterminds behind their Rattle account went on PTO. Leading up to his vacation, he was prepping a new process in Atlas. Mark found it easy to dive in and launch it because Atlas indicated which workflows should be turned on.

High-impact work made easy? That’ll get a stamp of approval from the CRO. Mark shares, “He loves it. Rattle has gone from being a productivity solution and something that's a bit tactical by nature to a strategic solution for us. Anytime we have a process change, we leverage Rattle to help us through the pain of rolling that out.”

And that’s the goal of Rattle’s Process Automation Platform. To give you the tools that eliminate the tedious stuff so you can dig into the strategic work. 

Welcome to RevOps 2.0.

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