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When Salesforce Became Slintel’s Friend, Not Foe

For Anupreet, Sales Director at Slintel, it was very difficult to accurately predict his sales pipeline since their Salesforce wasn’t updated regularly.

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    Slintel is a sales intelligence platform that helps customers identify the top 10% of their total addressable market.
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    150+ employees

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    Raised $20M from Sequoia Capital, GGV, & Accel


For Anupreet, Sales Director at Slintel, it was very difficult to accurately predict his sales pipeline since their Salesforce wasn’t updated regularly. At the same time, he understood that it was unsustainable for reps, who were rushing from one meeting to another, to constantly go to Salesforce to update their records. Though their SalesOps person was spending considerable time reminding reps to make updates in Salesforce, Anupreet knew that this was a mere bandaid to their problem.

Slintel was facing three key challenges -

  1. With their packed calendars, sales reps found it difficult to log notes for their meetings and capture crucial data in Salesforce
  2. The SalesOps manager was devoting 5-6 hours every week reminding the team to update Salesforce
  3. It was tough for leadership to get an accurate picture of the sales pipeline

Anupreet was on the lookout for a tool that would not just imbibe the discipline to update Salesforce but also make it easier for the reps to do so.

"Our data hygiene and productivity has skyrocketed. Each rep saves almost 1 hour/day & our SalesOps team saves 5 hours/week. We can’t even imagine a world without Rattle!"

How Rattle helped

Since Slintel’s sales team was already spending a lot of time in Slack, Rattle became the most welcomed tool in their tech stack. The Sales leadership team spent an hour brainstorming what they wanted to get out of Rattle and post that their SalesOps manager was able to configure those workflows in a single day!

When Rattle was rolled out, each AE adopted it quickly with very minimal training. Not only were the AEs saving time, but it freed up their SalesOps manager’s time to focus on strategic tasks. Therefore, by investing just a day in setting up Rattle, Slintel was able to make each rep more productive, reduce data hygiene issues and forecast their pipeline a lot better. Talk about ROI 😉


Though Slintel’s team has configured more than 20 different workflows, their absolute favorites are  -

  1. Post-meeting Slack DMs - After every meeting, AEs automatically get a Slack DM that they use to log notes and capture every critical information related to the opportunity. This has led to massive time savings for AEs because they don’t need to log into Salesforce anymore. And as soon as the notes are logged, they are sent to the #sales channel in Slack that gives real-time visibility to their executive team & helps them coach reps right at the moment.
  2. Stuck in stage - This is Anupreet’s favorite workflow as it takes the task of multiple follow-ups with reps off his plate. In this workflow, a rep is notified if an opportunity has been stuck in a stage for the past 15 days and can either update the close date, add the next step, or change the stage; all while sitting in Slack. This enables Anupreet to be confident about their forecast reports.
  3. Inbound leads - This has helped bring down response time for new leads significantly. With this workflow, SDRs get alerted as soon as they are assigned a new lead. Previously they used to get email notifications but they are much more responsive in Slack than email. Plus with Rattle, they can update status or fill in any missing information by just clicking a button vs going back & forth between email and Salesforce as they were doing before.

"Now our SalesOps team doesn’t have to spend time on following up with AEs to get all data in. Rattle does it for them!"


✅ 1 hour saved daily by each rep
✅ 2x increase in data-hygiene
✅ Most welcomed tool in the tech stack

Saving an hour daily with post-meeting Slack alerts
Rattle is helping AEs log calls after meetings and ensures that no information falls through the cracks. This behavior change of inputting data in Salesforce has led to better data quality and boosted overall data hygiene by 2x!

SalesOps saves 5 hours per week
The SalesOps team doesn’t need to manually follow-up with reps to update Salesforce anymore. With automatic Rattle reminders, the SalesOps team saves 5 hours per week and can focus on core sales strategy work.

Staying on top of every crucial deal with clear accountability
Rattle gives a clear view of what’s happening in the sales pipeline to the executive team. They don’t have to manually track deals and with real-time alerts, can coach reps proactively to win more deals.

"If you want your Salesforce to look like the way you always envisioned it, then go with Rattle."

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