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No More Leaks: Zip’s Playbook for Airtight RevOps

Plug revenue leaks the Zip way using Rattle's Deal Rooms, Meeting Intelligence, and Atlas. Transform inefficiencies into solid wins, and shift your focus from patching gaps to closing deals.

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Less leakage = more revenue

All sales orgs experience the same thing:

Lots of leads come in. 

Some turn to opportunities. 

A handful of those become deals. 

And then it’s all hands on deck to make sure you win them.

But every step of the way, you’re battling an invisible force: leakage. Leads, opportunities, and deals spill out from all sides. And that puts extra pressure on your sales team to close the deals that make it through the leaking funnel. 

As a RevOps leader, if you can minimize leakage, you’re adding value to the revenue process by giving your team their best chance to succeed and bring in more revenue.

And that’s why David Ma, Head of GTM Ops & Strategy at Zip, came to Rattle. 

Without the connective tissue between Zip’s CRM (Salesforce) and collaboration tool (Slack), he worried about gaps in his process:

“It's not easy to stitch all those things together. And so if your source of truth isn't the place where people are actually doing the collaboration, you actually have a lot of leakage between the knowledge it takes to win a deal.” 

More leakage = less revenue.

We don’t like the ring of that. 

How about: less leakage = more revenue?

That’s more like it. And here’s how David Ma did it with Rattle. 

He ditched the needle and thread for Deal Rooms 

With deals that involve up to 25 internal stakeholders, Ma knew there were plenty of opportunities for things to fall through the cracks.

Email threads, Slack DMs, sales calls, Salesforce fields — yep, a lot could get lost in the shuffle.

What Ma needed was something that consolidated it all to create a single source of truth, so everyone could work and sell together as one.

Which is why he tried Rattle’s Deal Rooms

To catch you up: Rattle is a fully customizable process automation platform for modern revenue teams. We streamline your key revenue processes, so you can zero in on closing deals and driving growth.

Deal Rooms is a Rattle feature that automatically creates Slack channels when a deal is entered into Salesforce. As the deal progresses, it’ll add relevant stakeholders to boost collaboration and visibility. No more siloed selling. 

For Zip, Ma explains, Deal Rooms allow “all the relevant people it takes to help us win business, to help us solve a customer problem, to get together in one place and collaborate and work on that customer's problem.” 

Specifically, here are some ways that they use Rattle to reduce leakage:

1. Deal Rooms are created at the opportunity level to get the right people involved and to manage any challenges early.

“Rattle helps us get in front of competitive deals earlier. It helps managers and reps collaborate and brainstorm about competitive situations earlier. Time kills all deals. The earlier you get ahead of something, the higher your likelihood of winning.”

2. Then, they use another Rattle tool, Atlas, to get a full view of their sales process and spot any gaps or bottlenecks.

Ma shares that they're relentlessly focused on the mid-funnel at Zip. Using Atlas's process visualization capabilities, he discovered they had no alerting system for that area.

Atlas gave him the top-down view he needed to identify the gap, and the Workflow Execution functionality to address it quickly. Now he can use real-time data from Salesforce to alert reps when mid-stage deals don't meet specific criteria.

This all sounds really great, right? If you’re inspired by Zip’s Deal Rooms success, stick around. Because their use of Meeting Intelligence is the cherry on top. 

Deal Rooms + Meeting Intelligence = A match made in sales heaven

When we found out that the Zip team is also a huge fan of Meeting Intelligence — we weren’t surprised.

Here’s why: it reduces leaks at the top of their funnel, by connecting their call-recording software (Gong) with Slack and Salesforce. 

Using AI, it also provides instant analysis, real-time notes, clear next steps, and one-click updates to Salesforce.

Less leaks, less work, and time saved.

As you know, the good sales calls aren’t two minutes long. Some last an hour. If your rep has to re-listen to every sales call in order to write a follow-up email or provide a status update to their boss, imagine how much time that takes away from them actually doin’ the thing — selling!

Plus, crucial information could get missed. And there it goes, down the drain. Buh-bye!

So Zip tried Meeting Intelligence. And boy, does it shave off time. 

“Meeting Intelligence gives us the ability to synthesize and summarize what normally takes 60 minutes down to maybe 2-3 minutes of reading.” 

To Ma, this has been so helpful for unblocking his tenured reps — as well as coaching his new reps. 

Like Deal Rooms, sales leaders love this feature too. Instead of asking around for updates, a leader can pop into all their deal rooms and get accurate summaries right away.

As Ma explains, “In about a half hour they'll be able to have more context about the deals than they would probably messaging all 15, 20 reps to get partial summaries. And so it's a visibility at scale thing.”

Visibility at scale? That’s gotta be music to your ears. 

A platform the whole sales org loves

It’s rare to find a tool that everyone loves and is keen to adopt. But at Zip, Rattle’s process automation platform checks off everyone’s boxes. 

For Zip’s reps, they save time on the boring, logistical stuff, like creating communication channels, sourcing help, and updating Salesforce. 

For Zip’s sales leaders and execs, they get loads more visibility — without having to ask for it. This means they can get involved and support their reps faster.

For Ma and his RevOps team, they can rest easy knowing that they’re not leaking revenue. No holes. Not even any loose threads. 

It’s a win-win-win.

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