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Improving Data Hygiene by 10% While Scaling: How Stream Did It

When Stream started witnessing rapid growth and adding new people & roles within the sales team, Hannah Bauhof, their SalesOps manager, knew that their sales processes would need to undergo a lot of changes.

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    Stream helps product teams build scalable in-app chat and activity feeds with powerful APIs and front-end components.
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    Raised $59M from GGV Capital and Felicis Ventures


When Stream started witnessing rapid growth and adding new people & roles within the sales team, Hannah Bauhof, their SalesOps manager, knew that their sales processes would need to undergo a lot of changes.

They introduced Salesforce in the summer of 2020 & faced the following key challenges -

  1. Getting their team to adopt Salesforce in their day-to-day and maintain pipeline hygiene
  2. Building new scalable processes in Salesforce would take up a lot of time
  3. Reps, as well as the leadership team, needed the flexibility of how and when they wanted to get notified for key events

Hence, when we reached out to Hannah to use Rattle, she could envision how it could be a perfect bridge between their effort to increase Salesforce adoption and their team’s heavy reliance on Slack.

"When our sales team grew 5x in 2020, we had to build new processes and systems to support our rapid growth. Rattle's interface made it easier and more fun to do my job."

How Rattle helped

Since Stream’s entire team lives & breathes in Slack and is much more familiar with it than Salesforce, Rattle was a success from day 1.

Using Rattle’s intuitive UI, advanced conditional filters & pre-built workflows, Hannah was able to deploy new processes far more quickly than the time it would have taken to build them natively in Salesforce. Not only was it easier for Hannah but also for the reps to update Salesforce. This helped them increase Salesforce adoption and decrease data hygiene issues at the same time.

Plus, now their team prefers Rattle alerts over email any day!

"For any new automation that I build, my team prefers Rattle alerts over email any day!"


Hannah uses Rattle’s workflows and reports extensively to increase visibility and productivity within her team. Some of the most impactful workflows for them are -

  1. Opportunity progression - Whenever an outbound deal is created or moves from one stage to another, their entire sales team gets notified in a shared slack channel. With this, everyone gets a 360-degree view of the outbound pipeline. (especially important with the team being remote).
  2. Churned accounts - For any account that churns, Account Managers get a real-time alert in a shared channel. They can see why accounts are churning and collaborate to understand the trend and brainstorm how to avoid that.
  3. Paid lead - This notifies the marketing team whenever an opportunity is won that came in from a paid search term. This allows the paid search team to celebrate wins in real-time.
  4. Won opportunity - With this workflow, Rattle notifies a public channel when an opportunity is moved to closed-won. This lets their team share & celebrate their wins in real-time.

"Now our SalesOps team doesn’t have to spend time on following up with AEs to get all data in. Rattle does it for them!"


✅ 1 working day saved every month for the SalesOps team
✅ Fixes data hygiene issues in 10% of all open opportunities
✅ Massive gains in 3 key areas - productivity, flexibility, and visibility

A ton of time saved
Rattle saves Hannah at least 1 working day every month, which over the course of the year becomes 2.5 weeks! Not only is she saving time for herself, but the Salesforce experience for her team is significantly better too.

Better reliance on data
Rattle has helped Stream establish a more data-driven culture by letting reps easily update Salesforce and by giving them guardrails to ensure that no information is out of date. This has led them to be more accurate with their forecasting.

Lot more visibility and collaboration
Rattle has helped the entire organization understand their sales pipeline better with real-time alerts and reports. Slack was already deeply ingrained in Stream’s culture but now they can collaborate on Salesforce deals within Slack & couldn’t be happier about it 😊

"With our explosive growth, we had to add so many new processes & systems and Rattle has been our saving grace! It just makes it easy to do my job"

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