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People Data Lab’s Playbook for Customer Success

The path from having a plan to getting people to follow said plan is paved with good intentions, and sometimes, a few potholes. People Data Labs discovered this firsthand when they instituted a new customer renewal strategy. What seemed straightforward on paper turned out to be more… complex in application.

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Enter Sahil Patel, People Data Labs' Sr. Revenue Operations Manager and a veteran Rattle user. Recognizing an opportunity to automate and enforce the new process with Rattle, Sahil also saw the potential in Atlas, Rattle's new visual mapping tool. 

He realized Atlas could provide the necessary insights for operationalizing workflow execution and give them the top-down view needed to identify current shortcomings.

And boy was he right.

Finding Blindspots with Visual Mapping

By mapping their existing workflows with Atlas, Sahil's team uncovered a critical gap: 

Their system only alerted customer success managers about renewals a mere seven days in advance of the contract end date, far short of the 190 days their new strategy demanded.

This oversight, if left unaddressed, could have led to missed opportunities and lost revenue.

Thankfully, Atlas's visual clarity came to the rescue. Sahil said, "Seeing it all laid out, this made it easier to identify the gaps. This will also just help me be a little more organized with the workflows."

From Blueprint to Execution: Automating Workflows

Recognizing the high cost of customer acquisition, Sahil and his team embarked on a mission to streamline key workflows within their newly mapped customer success process. Their first priority: automating the AE to CSM handoff, a crucial step in ensuring a seamless transition for new customers.

Leveraging Rattle's user-friendly no-code workflow builder, Sahil's team devised a system that automatically notifies the CSM when a deal is marked closed won in Salesforce and adds them to the corresponding Deal Room in Slack. 

This streamlined setup ensures the efficient handover of crucial details, including contact information, onboarding requirements, and any pertinent discussions, laying the foundation for an exceptional customer experience right from the start.

Sahil, acknowledging the benefits of this approach, explained, "The AE to CSM handoff can be tricky, and sometimes folks struggle to remember the steps involved. Automating the process ensures everyone knows what to do next, streamlining the transition for both our team and the customer."

Real-time Insights and Feedback Loop

The introduction of Rattle's Deal Rooms also played an important role in the rollout of the new strategy, providing a real-time window into the impact of the new customer success process on renewals.

These dedicated Slack channels serve as central hubs for managing deals and accounts, offering instant access to all related notes, enabling quick issue escalation to leadership, and allowing for quick engagement with technical or product support to address customer concerns.

Sahil lauded the transformative impact of Deal Rooms, saying, "They've been a game-changer this year," emphasizing how they helped to enhance cross-functional communication and oversight.

A Brighter Future with Rattle

Encouraged by the success with the customer success strategy, Sahil is now eyeing broader applications of Rattle. Plans are underway to extend Rattle's Atlas capabilities to their sales processes, leveraging the platform's automation and visualization features to drive greater efficiency and enhance results.

“I can't see a world where I wouldn't have Rattle as a RevOps person,” said Sahil. “I would want this at any company I'm working at just because it makes life easier in a lot of ways – with automating all these different alerts and processes.”

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