Workflow Efficiency

Adherence on Autopilot

Automate mission-critical steps to ensure consistent process execution. Free up your RevOps team to focus on strategy – not just task enforcement.

Workflow Efficiency

2X ⬆️

Faster speed to lead

“We’re getting to all of our customers or prospects, and all of them quicker.”

Ryan Roberts
Director of Revenue Operations

Fast track success

Workflow Efficiency isn’t just about speed. It’s about making every action count toward your business goals.

Reduce oversight

Ensures every task aligns with your process, minimizing risk and the need for constant follow-ups.

Save massive time

Break free from bad cop duties. Focus on big-picture strategies, knowing the process is securely enforced.

Improve morale

When everyone sticks to the plan, not only are deals closed faster, but the team's hard work is spotlighted, raising morale.

Your Workflow Efficiency suite

Step into the future of RevOps. Rattle is your one-stop-shop for automating tasks between SFDC and your messaging app, unlocking insights, and speeding up approvals—making your team more efficient than ever.



Workflows are the secret to a well-oiled revenue machine. They automate tasks, so your sales team can focus on what they're best at: selling. Real-time alerts and easy updates keep everyone in the loop, so you can close more deals faster.


Accelerate decision-making without losing control, by centralizing approvals in Slack or Teams. Simplify the process, gain immediate feedback from leadership, and ensure that everyone is on the same page.



Reports put your Salesforce data where your team already is: in Slack or Teams. Get the metrics that matter right at your fingertips, tailor them to your needs, and ditch those clunky email updates for streamlined insights.

Meet the first-ever modern RevOps platform

Get your entire revenue team operating flawlessly through the power, speed, and consistency of Process Automation.

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