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Putting the Strategy Back into RevOps: How Qualified Did It with Rattle

Qualified used Rattle's Atlas to nail a 1.5x boost in productivity, 14% faster deal cycles, and a 5% hike in win rates—all in one quarter. See how they turned real-time data into real-world wins.

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As a RevOps leader, you’re dedicated to creating alignment across the entirety of your revenue team.

Though, is it just us, or does it feel like you need a hundred more hours a day to do that? 

Syncing your team across Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success so they can move quickly toward the same goal isn’t an easy feat. Each time can have far different perspectives and their own unique challenges and silos to account for.

It’s all enough to make the sweat start pouring down.

But according to Kieran Snaith, VP of Revenue Operations at Qualified, if you’re workin’ up a glisten, you’re not doing RevOps the smartest way you can.

Sure, you still need to gain alignment across teams. But as he says, “you also need to be the gentle hand that is always pushing things forward.” The way you do that? To Snaith, you need to leverage the right kinds of tech.

A decision that can really pay off 

When you can gain alignment across teams, you’ll find that your whole process moves quickly, efficiently, and conveniently for everyone. Your job gets easier and revenue becomes more predictable.

And that dream state is what initially drew Qualified to Rattle: 

“The challenges that led me to try Rattle were actually being that gentle hand. We needed a way to proactively alert people when things were being put on our radar, and we also needed to gently push things forward and help progress the business.

That was the big thing for us. Our reps can't always be in Salesforce. They can't always be in a spreadsheet and they're always on their devices. So we wanted to deliver what matters most to us to their mobile devices and to their PCs.”

Gaining alignment without the hand-holding or nagging? Yeah, we can see how that would be appealing to a RevOps leader. 

And getting these results in one quarter?

A+ work, Qualified team.    

✅SDR/BDR productivity: increased 1.5x 

✅Speed to deal: increased 14% 

✅Win rate: increased 5% 

Now, you must be wondering how Rattle fits into this story. And how you, too, can pull teams together to drive increased productivity, sales velocity, and win rates.

Well then, hop into the driver’s seat—and turn on Atlas. 

Vroom-vroom: Steering alignment with Atlas

Before Atlas, life was good at Qualified. They were already using Workflows, Leaderboard, and Deal Rooms to accelerate the entire funnel — from jumping on leads faster to overcoming any deal compliance issues.

But then life became great. Rattle released Atlas. 

Atlas is a new feature that allows you to map out your revenue process, uncover blind spots or bottlenecks, and fix ‘em in real time. 

When we were looking for beta users, Snaith’s hand shot right up in the air. It’s like his prayers were answered. 

Here’s how it works — and how Snaith used it at Qualified. 

Step 1: map out your revenue process and remove blindspots

If your whole revenue process isn’t laid out in front of you, it’s really hard to spot any gaps or breakdowns between steps and teams. 

Atlas removes the blind spots to give you a clear, concise view so you can easily see bottlenecks and what improvements need to be made — from MQL generation to renewal and expansion. 

Before Atlas, Qualified was using static lists to document their workflows. But as he shares, this siloed listview of signals made it hard to say, “Hey, where does this fit in? And is there any overlap?’ It was very difficult for us to make process changes and bring in new alerts to our previous kind of setup.”

With Atlas, he was able to transform his setup into one, clear view. In just ten minutes.

Now, he says, “I can visualize and manage our entire alert ecosystem… we've got a very clear idea of what's running, what's going well, what's going wrong, and where we could make additional workflows into that alerting lifecycle.” 

Note: If you already have workflows set up in Rattle (like Qualified), you can easily import them into an Atlas and move them around to visually represent your process. Or, you can start with a blank Atlas and create fresh workflows to slot into your process perfectly.

Step 2: Surface revenue gaps and opportunities

With his entire revenue process mapped out in front of him, it was easy to see which teams and steps needed attention: “I can spot the areas where we're running into issues or where account deals are being flagged and then I can take action.” 

Because Atlas integrates with your CRM, process gap insights — like overlooked renewal steps or absent deal stages — will automatically surface, so you don’t have to dig for them. 

With all these insights at your fingertips, you can probably guess what he does next. 

Step 3: Take action and drive strategic impact

With Atlas, Snaith could now see his entire process — and received insights on how well his teams were working together at each step. 

That made it easy to start influencing behavior. Within Atlas, you can build new workflows to easily plug gaps or create opportunities. 

“Now we're able to drill down, we're able to send alerts to the reps, proactively fix what we're seeing, but we can also add process right into that, and it's very visually easy to see where you need to make a process addition.”

And because these changes are so quick and easy to implement, you can channel your energy into strategic moves that’ll actually make a difference. 

For Snaith, Atlas has become a tool to guide decision-making with his CRO. Every day, they choose a different area of the funnel and discuss where improvements can be made. And make a dynamic decision right then and there. They make the hard work look easy!

It’s time to take your seat at the table

Despite how some days may feel, you don’t need more hours or hands to do your job. You need a process automation platform, like Rattle. 

Let Rattle do the grunt work for you. Let Rattle get your teams moving together in lock-step. Let Rattle be that guiding hand. So you can focus on driving impactful change.

“Rattle can take a vanilla process that’s working in a mediocre fashion and make it work quite well because you now have the ability to proactively alert people in real time, get their adherence to that alert, and drive the deals forward.” 

Bored of vanilla? Then let’s talk. 

Meet the first-ever modern RevOps platform

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