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Build your sales processes with the simplest no-code platform in the universe and level-up your sales velocity like never before.

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Top sales teams love Rattle


Why Rattle?

Sales is all about people. Rattle simplifies processes, and makes it easier for people to work together to achieve great things!


Improve pipeline visibility

Maintain clear line of sight into where prospects are in sales cycle and what they want.


Strengthen forecasting

Remember those data-driven decisions that you need. Rattle gets you that.


Get time back in the day

Better processes means more productive days. And Rattle makes this possible.

No code democratized workflow-builder

Anyone can build Salesforce workflow logic and create “rattles” with our intuitive, fully customizable no-code platform.

Learn how workflows work

Bring reports to Slack

With reports, let your team collaborate and think together with the right data in Slack.

See our reports in action

Fetch the right data when you need

Commands get you the right data when you need - yes, even on the fly in your meetings!

Learn about commands

Approvals for request management

Raise requests, get approvals, and take decisions faster than ever.

See how approvals work

Log every call

Let the reps manage their pipeline in Slack, and optimize their days to sell more.

Read how meetings work

Three reasons why you'll love Rattle


Build any condition

Create complicated AND/OR logic, on any object or field (including custom ones)


100% customizable

Pull in any type of Salesforce field and add action buttons to let your reps update anything


Send alerts anywhere in Slack

Route messages to channels, groups or even dynamically to oppty owners

Popular use cases

Our customers love us. You will too.

“Solving a complex problem with an easy to use solution”

We'd previously struggled with Salesforce's native implementation of Slack alerts and it was extremely restrictive, uncustomizable and hard to administrate. Thank goodness I discovered Rattle. It's a really elegant solution. The solution is flexible enough to do pretty much everything we can want.

Nick H
Growth Marketing Lead

“We compared Rattle and Troops and selected Rattle for its superior product.”

We compared Rattle and Troops head-to-head and selected Rattle for its superior product & customer service. We especially loved how alerts sent by Rattle were real-time. It has been a delight collaborating with the Rattle team - they are attentive and have been true partners in our growth journey.

Jonathan F
Head of Revenue Operations

“Game Changing! Helps sales be more productive, and helps keep our pipeline clean.”

Rattle helps our sales team stay on top of their pipeline. Rattle Workflows allows us to notify AE team when they need to take action on Opportunities or Accounts. The tool is super flexible, allowing you to make updates to any field you might have in your Salesforce directly in slack.

Alexander D
Sales Operations

I've not found another tool that can do what Rattle does.”

Pre-Rattle, we had one automation set up to post updates to Slack. This required significant resources and was cumbersome to maintain. But with Rattle, I've been able to set up and enhance that use case and build additional 15+ use cases, all in a matter of minutes. If you're a heavy Slack/Salesforce company, you absolutely need this!

Kirsten B
Revenue Insights & Technology Manager
Olive AI

Rattle has made it easier & more fun to create new processes and notifications for our growing team”

As someone who wasn't a salesforce admin expert, the intuitive and lovely UI of rattle made making changes to processes and setting up notifications for the team really easy.

Hannah B
SalesOps Manager

The Perfect Solution for Connecting Slack and Salesforce”

Rattle has helped us send alerts from our CRM to Slack, surfacing insights in real-time. The dynamic routing of messages that Rattle offers is unmatched by anything that can be accomplished with the native integration. If you're a Slack first company, Rattle is a must for your organization!

Connor R
Salesforce Administrator
Fast Radius

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