Deal Execution

Stop Siloed Selling

Rattle empowers your team to sell as one, with the kind of maximum visibility and shared accountability that drives deals to Closed Won.

Deal Execution

10% ⬆️

Faster sales cycle

“Rattle makes it really easy for the AE to pull in anyone else on the deal team and get them caught up.”

Andrew Barton
Senior SalesOps Manager

Bring harmony to the hustle

Turn your messaging app into a real-time war-room, making it easier to troubleshoot issues and celebrate wins, so you can close deals, not just talk about them.

Foster collaborative solutioning

Diverse perspectives aren't just nice to have – they're your secret weapon for turning fresh ideas into actionable plans.

Seal the deal with seasoned leaders

When a deal's in jeopardy, lean on your seasoned sellers. They've got the experience to flip the script.

Keep the team in tune in a snap

Clear, synced communication means everyone's on the same page, simplifying teamwork and getting stuff done.

Your Deal Execution suite

See to it you’re getting the full potential of your deal cycle with these tools. It's the triple threat that keeps your team synced up, clued in, and closing deals like clockwork.

Deal Rooms

Deal Rooms

Deal Rooms are the antidote to all deal-killing stagnation, offering real-time visibility and streamlined collaboration in one dedicated space. With features like custom escalation rules and targeted flagging of at-risk deals, your team can proactively tackle roadblocks and close deals more efficiently.

Meeting Intelligence

Meeting Intelligence automates the grunt work of sales calls, letting your team zero-in on real productive work instead of taking manual notes. With real-time summaries, targeted next steps, and coaching cues, it turns every call into a strategic advantage.

Meeting Intelligence


Enablement serves up the right content at the right time, streamlining both onboarding and ongoing education for your sellers. From custom experiences in your messaging platforms to real-time solutions and quicker deal closures, it's about empowerment without the overload.

Meet the first-ever modern RevOps platform

Get your entire revenue team operating flawlessly through the power, speed, and consistency of Process Automation.

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