Process Visualization

Find and fix blind spots

Tired of static processes that don't live where your team does? Process Visualization maps your entire revenue journey, integrates with Salesforce, and identifies revenue gaps in real-time—making it actionable and accessible.

Process Visualization

20% ⬆️

Increase in win rates

“Rattle really gave us the ability to proactively alert our sales reps in real time of outstanding process gaps.”

Mark Gremban
Director of Revenue Operations

From static to strategic

Process Visualization helps you make better decisions by showing how your processes are working (and not working). It turns unclear workflows into tangible steps that everyone can understand, so they can be followed consistently.

Get clarity

Let your reps navigate each deal with confidence, knowing every step’s impact and significance.

Have visibility

Spot bottlenecks like missed deal stages before they become outright roadblocks.

Take action

Empower your team to swiftly take action on outdated or missing data with just a single click.

Your Process Visualization suite

Centralize. Analyze. Optimize. We’re empowering you to take command of your process and enforce it consistently—driving peak performance with less effort.



Transform static process docs into a live-action playbook while gaining a diagnostic lens on your revenue engine. Synced with live CRM data, Atlas spots what's working and what's not, bringing order to chaos by highlighting process gaps and pipeline bottlenecks.


Atlas takes your insights and turns them into proactive steps. Spot process defaulters and send automated alerts to keep your pipeline flowing and your data clean.



Get comprehensive analytics on team usage and revenue process engagement. Access key reports and insights that help you pinpoint what's driving success and what needs fine-tuning. Know your performance, inside and out.

Meet the first-ever modern RevOps platform

Get your entire revenue team operating flawlessly through the power, speed, and consistency of Process Automation.

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