A State of RevOps 2024: Redux

Let’s Talk About It

Watch this on-demand webinar as we jump snout-first into the findings from our 2024 State of RevOps Report, uncovering the transformative trends shaping the world of Revenue Operations, including:

  • The integration of AI (or lack thereof)
  • Evolving budgets for the year ahead
  • The quest for operational excellence in a new era of optimism (well, cautious optimism)

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Mat Rodriguez, Senior Revenue Operations Architect @ Operatus
Join 3 RevOps Visionaries
Get expert insights from leaders on the front lines

This event is perfect for you if…

You’re looking to arm yourself with insights, tips, and strategies to tackle this year’s toughest challenges with agility and insight, if you’ve got any questions about the report itself, or if you’re just a RevOps pro who wants to know what your fellow colleagues are feeling in one of the most turbulent times in recent memory.

Meet your speakers

  • Mat Rodriguez, Senior Revenue Operations Architect @ Operatus

    Mat Rodriguez

    Senior Revenue Operations Architect @ Operatus

  • James McArthur

    Director of RevOps, Nue.io

  • Matt Volm

    CEO & Co-founder, RevOps Co-op

Just a taste of what we’re dishing on:

AI in RevOps

Current applications and the most pressing barriers to adoption.

A soft landing

Growing general feelings of optimism & strategic tool investments.

Aligning priorities

The growing disconnect between sales and RevOps’ goals.

Particularly nerdy?

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