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A decade or so ago, RevOps job didn't exist. Fast forward to 2023, and it's the fastest-growing job in the U.S.

It's safe to say we're firmly in the RevOps 2.0 era, which means those on the front lines must adapt from admins and tacticians to strategic advisors.

Join Rattle and RevOps panelists from Twilio, AWS, and Gong to hear the tools, strategies, and mindsets modern RevOps pros employ to stand out and become their orgs’ competitive advantage.

We'll answer questions like:
✅ What does your leader expect from you? How do you deliver?
✅ What KPIs should RevOps use to measure performance?
✅ How has RevOps org structure evolved? Your tech stack?

Sahil Aggarwal
Join 4 RevOps visionaries
Get expert insights from leaders on the front lines

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The Panelists

  • David Kohn

    Director of Revenue Operations, Gong

    David is the Director of Revenue Operations at, a Revenue Intelligence Platform. At Gong, he builds systems and processes that drive revenue growth in partnership with sales, customer success, and finance. Previously, David held operations leadership positions at Conexiom, BuiltIn, LinkedIn, and Cerner.

  • Connor Kasser

    VP, Revenue Operations, Twilio

    Connor is the Sr. Director of Revenue Operations at Twilio, a publicly-traded communications and API platform. At Twilio, he oversees sales strategy, analytics, and empowers sellers to operate at maximum productivity. Prior to Twilio, David held revenue analytics positions at and co-founded

  • Alice Le

    Senior Manager, CRM Applications, Amazon Web Services

    A RevOps leader with deep Salesforce expertise, Alice has enabled the success of GTM teams across the globe. Today, she's a Product Manager for CRM apps at AWS, and has led RevOps at amazing companies like Workboard, Federated Wireless, comScore, Clarabridge. She's also a three-time Dreamforce speaker.

  • Sahil Aggarwal

    Sahil Aggarwal

    Founder & CEO, Rattle

    A serial entrepreneur, Sahil is the Co-founder and CEO of Rattle. Prior to building Rattle, he co-founded Leadworx — a tool to help marketers identify anonymous users coming to their website — and WinTerrain, a premium product development company for early-stage startups.

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