The Future Is Real-Time Enablement

In tough markets, winning a deal can come down to how — and when — sellers educate buyers. This means building a trove of bespoke content for key funnel stages or opp updates — and using CRM signals to put it in your team's hands at the perfect moment, in real-time.

Easier said than done, right? Maybe not...

Join Abnormal's Director of Sales Ops, Mark Gremban, and Rattle's Director of Enablement, Tom Cheriyan, to discover battle-tested tactics that equip your sellers to upstage the competition in those precious moments when it counts most.

Mark Gremban, Director of Sales Ops at Abnormal Security
Thomas Cheriyan, Director of Revenue Enablement at Rattle
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Your Panelists

  • Mark Gremban, Director of Sales Ops at Abnormal Security

    Mark Gremban

    Director of Sales Ops, Abnormal Security

    Mark is a revenue operations leader with over a decade of experience in sales process, strategy, and technology. A certified Salesforce Admin, he held operations leadership roles at Skybox Security, BigSwitch Networks, Area 1 Security, and Centrify, before joining Abnormal.

  • Thomas Cheriyan, Director of Revenue Enablement at Rattle

    Thomas Cheriyan

    Director of Revenue Enablement, Rattle

    Tom empowers Rattle's GTM teams with content, tools, and tactics to win. Prior to joining Rattle, he held Enablement and Sales leadership roles at OwnBackup, Simplilearn, Yelp, and Gartner. He's also an adjunct professor at The City College of New York.

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